How to Delete a Fiverr Review in 4 Simple Steps

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How to Delete Fiverr Reviews the Easy Way

When you're on the lookout for freelance work, Fiverr can be a great option. Connecting you with employers worldwide, there are hundreds of freelance opportunities available without the headache of HR and an entire interview process.

The concern for employees, however, is negative reviews. So,

Just like popular review sites like Google (and Google businesses), Yelp, Facebook, and Amazon, reviews play an essential role in a user's purchasing decisions — in this case, hiring decisions. This may lead to the desire to delete some, especially if they're untrue, unfair, or fake.

While you can complete the task yourself, working with DoNotPay can make it quicker and easier to remove poor reviews. Read on to learn more about Fiverr, and how to remove Fiverr reviews.

What Is the Purpose of Fiverr Reviews?

First and foremost, the purpose of is to let businesses know what other companies think about a 'seller' (freelancer) that worked for them. They'll typically rate the experience, letting others know how smooth the process was, how good the work was, and whether or not they would recommend the seller to someone else.

Although some companies wouldn't let a review deter them from hiring a freelancer fully qualified for the gig, quite a few businesses consider what other organizations have to say about you before picking the job up. After all, it lessens the risk.

Too many bad reviews can lead to:

  1. A tarnished reputation in your field.
  2. Fewer job opportunities.
  3. A drop in income.

Fortunately, DoNotPay can also help sue reviewers for defamation if the review gets too slanderous.

Can I Delete Fiverr Reviews by Myself?

If you're the one who put the Fiverr review up, then it's as simple as taking it down yourself. However, if you want to delete a Fiverr review about you/your business from someone else, the process can get a bit more complicated.

In fact, you cannot delete it yourself, and Fiverr —more often than not — won't do it for you. Why? Because reviews:

  • Allow users an opportunity to rate their experiences
  • Encourage sellers to do better
  • Reward sellers that go above and beyond
  • Warn others about a seller

Nonetheless, in some cases, you can . You just have to ask the customer who left the poor Fiverr review to take it down. You can also use DoNotPay, and we’ll explore that in a moment.

How to Delete Fiverr Reviews by Yourself

Once a gig is officially marked as Completed, the company/buyer has the opportunity to do one or more of these three things:

  1. Tip
  2. Leave a review
  3. Simply say thanks

When the buyer decides to leave a review, particularly one that could make you look bad, your initial response may be to get it deleted. , the site encourages sellers to reach out to the buyer to resolve the issue that led to the negative review.

You can respond to the review by clearing up any misunderstandings, apologizing for any problems, or seeing what you can do better. This can help repair your relationship with the reviewer and make you look good in front of other buyers by holding yourself accountable. Follow these tips on how to do it:

Respond professionallyIf the review is unkind and could be damaging to your business and reputation, respond to the review. It could be difficult, but try to be as kind and understanding as possible.
Offer to rectify whatever caused the issueIf they are complaining about poor service, going the extra mile without the extra cost can fix the problem.
Don't try to defend yourselfIf you are able to communicate through a private channel, such as messenger or email, do so.

If the vengeful review still persists you can report fake reviews by contacting support at

How to Delete Fiverr Reviews With DoNotPay

Getting in contact with support to make a report can take more time than you have, especially if it's affecting your potential for getting other gigs. Contacting buyers directly doesn't always guarantee results either — in fact, it's not possible to resolve any problems if it's an automated robot review.

Instead, let DoNotPay report your Fiverr review for you. This way, all you have to do is fill out some information (which takes about four steps) regarding the review, and our Remove Negative Reviews and Photos product feature will complete the task for you. Just follow four easy steps:

  1. Select which platform the review was posted on.

  2. Enter the url to the review and upload a photo to help us identify it.

  3. Indicate why you want to report the review and also provide a detailed description.

  4. And that's it! We'll report the review so that it gets investigated by the platform and taken down once they determine it's inappropriate.

It’s that easy! And there are more ways to use the app.

Is DoNotPay Used Only for Deleting Fiverr Reviews?

DoNotPay is much more than just a platform for deleting Fiverr reviews. In fact, you can either report reviews from other platforms or check out entirely different services such as:

Our automated platform was created with all of your time-consuming and complicated tasks in mind. This way, you can spend less time doing errands and more time with family, friends, and activities you love. To get the most out of your experience, check out our dozens of products today!

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