How To Deal With Annoying Neighbor’s Kids So They Never Bother You Again

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Discover How To Deal With Annoying Neighbor’s Kids and When To Take Action

Were you excited about new neighbors moving in next door but quickly got exasperated because of their annoying kids? Do your neighbor’s kids bother you even more now that they’ve figured out what strikes your nerve? Let DoNotPay help you out!

If you’re not sure about how to deal with annoying neighbor’s kids, we have got your back! to get all the tips and tricks you need to handle awkward neighbor-related issues.

Are You Right To Be Annoyed by Your Neighbor’s Kids?

To your neighbors, their kids will always be little darlings, but to you, they might seem like monsters. There are many ways kids can be annoying, such as:

  • Asking too many questions
  • Bullying or making fun of people
  • Throwing loud temper tantrums
  • Invading your property
  • Being mean and rude to everyone they come in contact with

Whatever behavior strikes your nerve, you have the right to be annoyed by it. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable in your own home or lose sleep because your neighbor’s kids are loud and unrestrained.

How To Deal With Annoying Neighbor’s Kids

If you are at your wits’ end because of your neighbor’s kids, you could try the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Take matters into your hands
  2. Explain your dilemma to your neighbor
  3. Seek help from a mediator
  4. Send a demand letter

Take Matters Into Your Hands

There are several ways you can prevent the neighbor’s kids from annoying you:

What To DoExplanation
Avoid the kidsAvoid going out when you know the kids will be playing outside. If the kids are playing in their own yard, they have the right to be loud, so you may have to choose to entertain guests inside until playtime is over
Make a peace offeringGive candies, chocolates, or toys to the kids and tell them how to behave around you in return. Once you appease them, you will get their attention, and they would be more open to hear you out and do what you tell them to, whether it is to play away from your bedroom window or stop knocking on your door all the time
Talk to themTalk to the kids and explain why their behavior is bothering you. Be polite and friendly, yet firm. The kids are more likely to listen to you than their parents, who might even get offended if you complain about their children

Explain Your Dilemma to Your Neighbor

If your neighbor’s kids are driving you up the wall with their irritating habits, it’s time to speak up. It might not seem like the best idea to complain to a neighbor about their kids, but if approaching the kids fails, it’s the next best thing.

Here are a few steps you can take when trying to parley with your neighbor:

  1. Make some cookies or muffins to take with you
  2. Introduce yourself if you don’t know the neighbors in question, and exchange pleasantries
  3. Describe the problem and how it’s disrupting your life
  4. Be clear about what solution would work for you
  5. Assure your neighbor that you want the best for their kids and that there are no bad feelings

Parents are often too occupied juggling housework and office work to notice annoying habits in their children, especially if the behavior usually happens when they aren’t present. Once they come to realize the problem, they can work on correcting it.

Parents can also be quite defensive, especially if you have a complaint about their children. Make sure you’re polite and friendly throughout the meeting. Avoid being aggressive and rude because your neighbors might get even more defensive if they don’t like your tone.

Seek Help From a Mediator

If you fear that your neighbor could get upset about your complaint and refuse to help you out, seek help from an objective third party. An independent mediator should be able to help you resolve the issue amicably.

The mediator could be a neighborhood community head, a friend you and your neighbor have in common, or the landlord of your building. They will listen to both you and your neighbor and help you come to an understanding.

Send a Demand Letter

If involving a mediator doesn’t help, it’s time to escalate the issue even further. Send your neighbors an official demand letter, warning them of possible consequences if they don’t address your complaint. A demand letter should contain factual information about the situation, an arbitration notice, and documented evidence of the children’s behavior.

DoNotPay Can Generate a Killer Demand Letter To Set Your Neighbors Straight

If you have inconsiderate neighbors or ones that are hard to reason with, use DoNotPay to send them a demand letter. All you have to do is follow these instructions:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Choose the Neighbor Complaints feature
  3. Specify the problem you’re experiencing
  4. Provide additional information to us about the situation

We will create the demand letter and send it to your neighbors. People usually want to avoid trouble, so a demand letter is more than enough of a warning. If your neighbors still don’t comply with your requests, file an official complaint against them.

DoNotPay can help you find ways to deal with various neighbor-related issues, such as:

We can also help you determine when the time has come to call the cops on your neighbor or sue them.

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