Learn How To Block Noise From a Neighbor’s Yard

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Tips and Tricks on How To Block Noise From Neighbor’s Yard

Do you enjoy your quiet time, but noisy neighbors keep ruining it for you? Bad neighbors can be an inconvenience to anyone who’s not used to living in a communal area. The annoying behavior can range from mildly irritating to downright harassing.

Do your neighbors have frequent loud parties in their yard, and you want to block the noise once and for all? has the solution! We can help you figure out how to block noise from the neighbor’s yard and make them take you seriously!

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What Types of Noise Can You Expect From a Neighbor’s Yard?

It is normal to hear some form of noise from your neighbors—you can’t expect pin-drop silence all the time. Such noise can include walking, talking, opening and closing doors, etc. Some sounds can be more annoying and frustrating if they’re loud and disrupt your peace.

Depending on the personality of your neighbor, you can expect some of the following noises:

  • Loud music
  • Dog barking
  • Loud parties
  • Shooting targets
  • Lawn mowing
  • Drilling and hammering activities

How To Deal With Noise From a Neighbor’s Yard

Although the noise might be enough to make you bang your head against the wall in frustration, you should try dealing with the situation in a composed manner.

Take a look at a few available options of blocking noise from your neighbor’s yard on your own:

How To Block Noise Explanation
Soundproof your windows, walls, and doorsSound travels through windows because they are the thinnest parts of your house.

Soundproof your windows with acoustic caulk or weatherstripping tape. You can also replace the windows with double panes to block noise more effectively

Install a noise reduction fenceA barrier fence will block out most outdoor noises. The more solid the fence, the more sound it will block
Play loud musicAnother option to block a neighbor’s noise is to make some noise yourself. You can do this by playing loud music or turning on the TV at a higher volume
Invest in ear muffs or a noise-canceling deviceIf the noise is louder at night, invest in ear muffs to help you fall asleep more easily.

Alternately, you can buy a white noise machine that cancels out outdoor sounds

Plant trees and vegetationOther than giving a calming effect and being good for the environment, plants and trees are also good at blocking noise.

Make sure you space them correctly throughout your yard so no noise can come through

Moving furniture aroundBulky furniture blocks out noise from neighbors and will drastically reduce the number of sound waves passing through

Approach Your Neighbors if Your Tricks Didn’t Work

Before you resort to filing a formal complaint, try reasoning with your neighbor. Avoid going to their place if you’re angry—it is only going to worsen the situation. Follow these steps to deal with noisy neighbors:

  1. Make sure you’re calm and composed when you go to meet them
  2. Be polite but assertive—let them know how disruptive the noise is
  3. Bring homemade food as a peace offering
  4. Offer them solutions

Can DoNotPay Help Me Block Noise From Neighbor’s Yard?

If nothing works, send your neighbor a letter to make them realize the gravity of the situation. The demand letter should be factual and include the following details:

  • Time of the day the noise starts
  • The way it affects you and disrupts your life
  • Ways for them to fix the problem
  • Legal consequences if they don’t comply
  • Financial compensation
  • Arbitration notice

DoNotPay has the best feature to draft a demand letter in an instant. All you need to do is follow these quick instructions:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Choose the Neighbor Complaint service
  3. Select the type of neighbor complaint you have
  4. Add more details

We will personalize the letter and send it to your neighbor. In most cases, they will realize their mistake and try to fix the noise issue.

Can I Report My Neighbors for Being Too Loud?

If your neighbors still don’t turn the volume down on their activities, file a complaint with the local authorities. Most cities have noise regulations that all citizens need to abide by.

Before reporting your neighbors, read up on your local laws to know your rights and obligations.

Can DoNotPay Help Me With Other Neighbor Problems?

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