Learn How to Beat Your Gambling Addiction

Gambling Protection Learn How to Beat Your Gambling Addiction

How to Beat Your Gambling Addiction Easily

Gambling addiction is an impulse-control disorder that makes it hard for a person to control the urge to gamble despite its negative effects. If you have a gambling problem, you may continually chase bets that lead to losses, broken relationships, and debts.

The best way to beat your gambling addiction is to avoid casinos or lotteries that provide the opportunity to gamble. DoNotPay can contact casinos and request them to put you on their "banned list" so you have no way to gamble. Getting on their "banned list" is the best gambling protection strategy.

Self-exclusion restricts access to gambling games and helps you stop gambling so you can embark on a journey to recovery, focus on mending relationships, and regain financial stability. You don't have to take dramatic steps to be barred from casinos. DoNotPay is a faster, convenient, and less frustrating way to get your name on the banned list.

What is a "Banned List"?

A banned list is an online database that lists people who are not allowed in the casinos. This includes cheaters and gaming industry figures with felony charges. However, anyone can request to be added to a banned list.

If the request is accepted, one becomes legally banned from participating. They can no longer collect winnings, recover losses or use any services or privileges of the facility. Self-exclusion programs can help problem gamblers to gamble less.

How to File a Request to Join the "Banned List"

A voluntary exclusion program gives you the ability to ban yourself from both online and physical casinos for a specified period. If you want to join the banned list, you'll have to complete a Request for Voluntary Exclusion Form. If you file the request to join the banned list yourself, you'll have to submit the form in person.

You won't be able to access any casino within the specified time once your request is approved. The program demands that:

  • You agree not to enter a casino facility (or log in to the site).
  • Your name shall be added to a list of people excluded from all casino facilities.
  • Your personal information is confidential.
  • The casino operator stops all direct marketing efforts for you.
  • The casino operator won't cash a check or extend credit to you.

Almost all in-person and state-regulated casinos maintain a "voluntary self-exclusion list". Online casinos also do the same under their Responsible Gaming and Gambling policies.

What Information Will You Need to Provide for the Request

You'll need to provide personal details like a signature and either a physical description or a photograph of yourself. But you'll also be photographed when you file the form. The photo and other personal information will be shared with the casinos.

Your personal information featured in the application won't be released to the public or open for public inspection.

How Long Can You Be Banned For?

Self-exclusion means asking the casino operator to exclude you from all their gambling activities for a specified period, often starting from one year, but could go for a lifetime.

Once you're on the banned list, casino operators may turn down your wages or ask you to leave the gaming area. In case you manage to gamble, you won't collect any winnings or recover any losses. Legally, you won't be able to get complimentary services or goods, check cashing, or credit details.

Can You Request a Ban From Multiple States?

Yes, you can request a ban from multiple states. However, this will mean understanding every state's self-exclusion laws and requirements which can be overwhelming. DoNotPay compiles all states' self-exclusion laws and references them at your request, saving you time and effort.

What Should You Do If Your Loved One is Addicted to Gambling?

If your loved one is addicted to gambling, you should not lend them money or pay their debts. You can also decide to handle their money and not sign anything you're not prepared to pay for. Most importantly, you can try filing a third-party exclusion request.

Filing a third-party exclusion request means applying to the casino to ban your loved one's gambling activities. However, you need to be careful not to end up with ethical or legal issues. It's best to do so anonymously so you don't put yourself or your family at risk.

Alternatively, you can use DoNotPay to file third-party exclusion requests. DoNotPay handles the hard work for you, saving you from any potential legal or ethical issues.

How to Get Banned From Casinos Using DoNotPay:

DoNotPay has put together a list of all state-specific self-exclusion laws and can help you apply to feature on any casino's banned list. We can help you blacklist yourself from an online and in-person casino.

If you want to stop gambling but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

  1. Search Gambling Protection on DoNotPay


  1. Enter the name of the casino and indicate whether it's online or in-person.


  1. Tell us which state the casino is located in, or the state you're accessing the online casino from. DoNotPay will then find your state's self-exclusion laws and reference them in your request.


  1. Select how long you want to be banned for (you can choose anywhere from 1 year to a lifetime!)


  1. Answer a few of our chatbot questions so we can help the casino identify you or your online account. If you want to be banned from an in-person casino, it helps to provide information about your height, weight, race, and other identifying features.


  1. Choose whether you want us to email the request to the casino on your behalf. You can also choose to notarize your document to legally verify your identity.


Why Use DoNotPay for Gambling Protection 

DoNotPay will write a formal letter and request your placement on the self-exclusion list. You can then deliver the letter to the casino or have us email it in your stead. If you go the emailing way, the casino should send a confirmation email to you.

DoNotPay is:

FastNo need to spend hours trying to get on the banned list.
EasyNo need to struggle with completing tedious forms or keep track of all the steps to get on the banned list.
SuccessfulYou can rest assured knowing we'll make the best case for you.

DoNotPay Helps You Get on the Banned List With a Click of a Button

In addition to helping people with problem gambling get on the banned list, DoNotPay does a range of other services, including:

While there is no proven way to prevent a gambling problem, limiting access to gambling facilities or platforms may be helpful. DoNotPay can help you or your loved one get on the banned list and prevent indulging in the addictive game.

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