How Often Can You Be Called for Jury Duty in NJ? DoNotPay Answers

Request Jury Duty Leave How Often Can You Be Called for Jury Duty in NJ? DoNotPay Answers

How Often Can You Be Called for Jury Duty in NJ?

Serving on a jury is obligatory for every eligible American, and some people might get summoned multiple times over the years. If you’re wondering, “how often can you be called for jury duty in NJ?” DoNotPay is here to answer the question. We will explain how jury duty works so you can prepare in advance.

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How Often Do You Have To Serve Jury Duty in NJ?

In New Jersey, you can get selected for jury duty once every three years. Prospective jurors are picked by random from the following databases:

  • Driver licenses
  • Voter registration lists
  • Tax returns
  • Homestead rebate applications
  • Credit applications

Your name will be removed from the jury pool once you have completed your service and added again after three years have passed.

How Does Jury Duty Work in NJ?

You qualify as a prospective juror in New Jersey if you are:

  • A United States citizen
  • A resident of the county where you were summoned
  • At least 18 years old
  • Able to read and understand English
  • Not convicted or indicted of a criminal offense in New Jersey or other states
  • Not considered incompetent as a juror due to mental or physical disability

Even if you received a summons, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically chosen as a juror for a trial. You will go through an examination process, where you will be asked a series of questions by judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. The goal of the questioning is to see how your background, beliefs, relationships, or prejudices may affect your judgment as a juror.

If you pass jury selection, the court will inform you of the trial date. You must be ready to be on call for up to two weeks.

Will You Get Paid for Serving on a Jury in NJ?

Yes. The juror pay varies among states, but you will be compensated according to the type of service, as follows:

  1. Petit jurors—$5 a day for three days and $40 for each day after that
  2. Grand jurors—$5 a day regardless of how long you have to serve

If you serve on a jury in a federal court, you will receive $50 each day.

What Are Jury Duty Exemptions in New Jersey?

You can postpone or decline jury duty service if you qualify for any of the following excuses:

Condition/OccupationExcused From Jury Duty? (Yes/No)
Elected officialNo
Breastfeeding motherNo
Medical workerNo
Old ageYes (for seniors over the age of 75)

If you are unable to serve, you can send a notice to the court in question stating the reason for your excusal and submit supporting proof. The court will decide whether you’re exempt from serving on a jury.

People over the age of 75 can decline jury duty for any reason without submitting evidence.

What Happens if You Skip Jury Duty in NJ?

You must not skip jury duty without a good reason. If you do, you risk facing legal repercussions (from paying a $500 fine to imprisonment).

Can You Get Fired for Serving on a Jury in NJ?

Your employer can’t fire you for serving as a juror, and they are obligated to grant you unpaid time off. You may need to notify them with a written notice and submit your jury duty summons so they can verify it.

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