How Much Money Can You Make on Shipt

How Much Money Can You Make on Shipt?

Shipt is a peer-to-peer solution for local shopping delivery allowing people to earn money bringing goods to people in their neighborhoods. If you're wondering , DoNotPay has compiled this helpful guide to help your side hustle truly bustle.

The idea behind Shipt is simple enough, and though it's a little rough around the edges (as covered in our ), it works well enough that most people are able to earn a good living while building a stronger community (non-digital) networks.

You don't need to reinvent the shopping cart wheel; we've compiled the best advice and methods from those having success as Shipt shoppers, to help you make the most money on Shipt – and in the easiest way.

Can You Make Good Money With Shipt?

Shipt pays shoppers well enough that many decide to concentrate all their work efforts on it. Others let it be a more relaxed side-stream to pad their wealth or give them better job security by being a financial pool fed by multiple streams.

In most urban areas, on the order of $15–20 per hour, when you factor in tips. Shoppers also have control over the orders they accept, so depending on how willing you are to schedule your day around the busiest times, you can maximize your rate-per-hour and preserve your free time – or work longer, more relaxed hours without feeling rushed.

You'll have to compare earnings to expenses, though. Just like with Lyft and Uber or other transport-based peer-to-peer platforms, the wear and tear on your automobile are all on you. Your auto insurance company could stick their nose into it or deny you coverage – if you don't keep your activities as private in appearance as possible (a bit hard to do with incestuous corporations that constantly share "privacy" data with each other; and Shipt is a half-billion-dollar company owned by Target Co., so they probably are). These factors make it important to run a tight ship.

How to Start Making Money on Shipt

First, be sure it operates where you live. Shipt has a place to check right on its main page. If it's active in your region, simply download the app and go to town!

Of course, you'll need to be approved first. This could take upwards of a week, but normally only takes a few days, and 4–5 at the upper end. You must be 18 or older, have a 1997 or later model automobile, pass a background check and have a valid mailing address. If you want to avoid giving them your mailing address, you can always sign up for the cheapest private mailbox (like at UPS), which will have a street address (unlike P.O. Boxes).

Note too that Shipt advertises to customers that their shoppers have a keen knowledge of produce and how to pick the freshest, so be aware that you'll be held to a high standard of produce knowledge.

Once you're good to go, you'll get your t-shirt for the budding door-to-door UFO cult (although they recently made their logo less awesome) and a Shipt reusable bag. Now, you can get used to using the app and fulfilling orders for members of your community.

Look through the orders to find one that:

  1. Is where you want to travel
  2. Looks easy to fulfill compared to the amount you'll make
  3. Has a decent time frame

When you decide on an order, follow the instructions – shop for your customer and acquire the items they requested, paying attention to how ripe they like their bananas – and deliver the order to the address. You'll earn money each time you complete an order (aka "request satisfaction), and most customers will tip you.

Here are 5 tips to maximize your earnings from Shipt.

  1. Check the “Promo Pay” Section

We're sure you naturally will, but to be sure: check the "promo pay" section first when looking for orders to accept. These more commonly pay in the $20–30 range than the $10–20 orders you'll see most often. Order selectivity is the most reliable way to make sure you are making the most money on Shipt on an order-to-order basis, and you have full control over this.

  1. Pay Attention to App Notifications

Pay attention to any order updates and other app notifications. When it's busy, you may not hear your notification telling you about order updates or changes, and this is a common complaint from customers. Shipt often de-platforms people – no questions or reasoning it through – whose social credit score (err, rating) falls below 4.6.

  1. Make Sure Your Phone Is Working

Keep your phone working well. Even when the app itself is to blame due to a faulty update or the like, Shipt shoppers have been penalized and even fired for issues that were due to the platform instability. All the same, make sure you don't get dinged and be proactive about any glitches, even if they weren't your fault. As we covered in our Shipt customer service article, the Shipt customer support response time is notoriously bad (pro tip: call their support line at 205-502-2500 and hit "0" four times to get to a live operator).

  1. Master Store Layouts

Learn the store layouts you'll be going to most frequently. Some of them have product-by-aisle lists you can snap a photo of, and it also pays to be on the most amicable terms with the staff who work there most often. You never know when you'll need one of them to go the distance for an order that's almost due.

  1. Join Shipt Networks

Most towns in which Shipt is active have a Shipt shopper social group you can join to get helpful advice from other members. They can tell you the signs of difficult and less lucrative orders, how to minimize travel distance, and other great tips all along in your journey.

Summary of Making Money on Shipt

You'll need to follow the protocols of each order to the T to make sure that you get the best tips and don't even get accidentally dinged by Shipt corporate.

Especially with the fiat, debt-based currency system imploding, making money is getting weirder and weirder – and it was already unnecessarily difficult for the generations before. However the economic landscape ends up, we want to help people use whatever means available to them in the freest and most self-autonomous ways possible.

Other Sources of Income Online

If Shipt is not your thing, you can research these other ways that you can make money with online:

Become a virtual assistantDo research online
Offer social media consultancySet up a Patreon
Review websites and appsJoin an affiliate program
Launch a YouTube channelParticipate in focus groups
Become an online travel agentSell photos online

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