Show Up, Listen, Get Paid—How Much Does Jury Duty Pay in PA?

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Jury Wages—How Much Does Jury Duty Pay in PA?

When you receive a jury duty summons, you have to show up in court or face penalties for not attending. You’ll also have to prepare for your duty, which includes getting time off work and rescheduling all other appointments.

While we all can agree that jury duty is important, it’s also an inconvenience you’d be better off without. The good news is, jurors receive pay for their service, and the amount differs throughout the U.S.

How much does jury duty pay in PA? We’ll provide the answer in this article, as well as introduce a quick and convenient way to inform your employer of your jury duty and request leave.

Pennsylvania Jury Duty Pay

Jury duty pay in Pennsylvania depends on how long the duty lasts and what type of court summons you. If a state or county court calls you up, you’ll receive:

  • $9 a day for the first three days of service
  • $25 a day from the fourth day forward

You may also receive compensation for any mile you travel to get to the court, but not throughout Pennsylvania—only three counties offer travel reimbursements for jurors. Check out the following table to find information about the counties and the compensation provided:

PA CountyTravel Compensation per Mile
Berks County$0.17
Lebanon County$0.31
Lancaster County$0.17

You can also receive a summons for federal jury duty. If one of the four federal courts in PA calls you up, you’ll receive a federal payment of $50 per day. That amount goes to $60 after:

Who Gets Paid?

Only jurors who get selected as a member of the jury will receive money, and receiving a summons is not enough to be on the jury. You need to go through the selection process.

The process consists of two steps:

  1. Filling out a questionnaire
  2. Going through an interview with attorneys

The purpose of this is to see if you have any conflict of interest and if you can provide a fair and unbiased verdict.

If the court doesn’t select you, or you manage to get out of jury duty, you won’t receive anything.

Jury Duty Pay in Pennsylvania—What Happens With Your Salary?

According to Pennsylvania law, your employer must allow you to fulfill your jury duty and must not coerce you to avoid it in any way, regardless of how many times you’ve been summoned.

Being employed is not a valid reason for being exempt. The only exception is if you work for a small company and can prove your absence will bring undue hardship to your employer.

While your employer can’t punish you in any way, the law doesn’t oblige them to pay you your wages—you’ll receive unpaid time off for jury duty leave.

As an employee, you have to inform your employer and let them verify you really have the summons to respond to. You’ll need to submit your summons, as well as a formal jury duty leave request letter. If you don’t know how to go about it, you can and let us handle everything for you.

If the employer demotes or fires you, you can sue them and receive lost benefits and wages. The employer will also have to cover your attorney expenses, and the court may force them to reinstate you.

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