How Much Does It Cost To Trademark a Band Name? Your Burning Questions Answered!

Trademark Registration How Much Does It Cost To Trademark a Band Name? Your Burning Questions Answered!

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark a Band Name? Discover With DoNotPay

If you have thought of a band name that you love and want to pursue, it may be time to register it as a trademark to prevent others from using it. The main question arises—How much does it cost to trademark a band name? DoNotPay has all the info you need.

This guide will explain everything you should know about how to register your band name as a trademark and what costs are associated with it. You can also choose the easier option— to apply for trademark registration in no time!

Trademarks in a Nutshell

A trademark is a mark or word that you can link with your business and the goods and services you offer. It helps people identify and associate with your business while also giving a competitive advantage over other business owners.

You can trademark almost anything, provided it has not been trademarked before, including the following:

LogosPhrasesCharactersBook series titlesPodcast names
SlogansPicturesIdeasDomain namesClothing brands
UsernamesArtist namesArtworkNamesLogo designs

Can You Register a Band Name as a Trademark?

Band names can be registered as trademarks, as long as they are:

  • Unique
  • Not confusingly similar to other band names

Many people believe that band names can only be copyrighted. Although you can copyright your band’s logo, you cannot copyright the band name.

You can either trademark the name, register it as a service mark, or both. While trademarks identify goods, such as band merchandise, record albums, etc., service marks are needed for offered services, including shows and performances.

A Breakdown of the Costs To Trademark a Band Name

You will need to consider the following costs when filing a trademark:

  1. Filing basis—You can either choose to file a trademark under:
    1. Use in commerce basis, where you have already been using the band name as a common law trademark
    2. Intent-to-use basis if you have not yet used the band name as a trademark but intend to do so soon
  2. USPTO filing options—You can apply for a trademark in two ways:
    1. Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) Plus (specifying the class(es))
    2. Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) Standard (not specifying the class(es))
  3. The number of classes of goods and services—Every trademark is classified under a specific trademark class. You can also choose multiple classes to register the same trademark, but each class will have a separate fee. Artists and musicians typically use the following trademark classes to register their band names:
    1. Class 9—audio, video, and sound recordings
    2. Class 41—live performances
  4. Lawyer fees—In case you consult a lawyer for trademark registration, you have to pay their fees

Other Costs To Consider

Here is a breakdown of other expenses that you will need to incur after your band name is trademarked:

Form NamePurposeCost
Declaration of UseConfirms that you are using the trademark for your business$225 per trademark class
Declaration of IncontestabilityGrants you incontestable rights to use the trademark$220 per trademark class
Renewal application formRenews your trademark after its expiration$525 per class if paid on time

Benefits of Trademarking Your Band Name

Although you can use the common law trademark for your band name, your trademarked name will not be protected by trademark law across the U.S., and you risk other bands using it for their profit. A federally-registered trademark will give you the advantage of:

  • Suing other people if they use your trademark without your consent
  • Prohibiting other musicians from using similar names for their bands
  • Protecting your trademark from infringement
  • Increasing the intrinsic value of your business

How To Trademark a Band Name

Apply for a registered trademark for your band’s name by following the instructions listed below:

  1. Think of a creative and unique name for your band
  2. Conduct a trademark search on the USPTO database to ensure that your band name is original and is not similar to other bands
  3. Decide which band member will own the trademark
  4. Choose the trademark class
  5. Fill out the trademark application form through the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) or DoNotPay
  6. Pay the application processing fee
  7. Review the form to ensure that there are no errors or inconsistencies
  8. Submit the form

The USPTO will email you a serial number that you can use to track your application in the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system. If everything goes smoothly, your band name will be registered within six to eight months.

Apply for a Trademark With Ease Using DoNotPay

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Here is what you need to do after :

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  3. Pay the USPTO application fee

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