How Much Does a Trademark Attorney Cost in the U.S?

Trademark Registration How Much Does a Trademark Attorney Cost in the U.S?

How Much Does a Trademark Attorney Cost, and How Can They Help You?

Operating a successful small business does not always leave room for doing all the assignments alone. Since trademark registrations can be exhausting and drawn-out, most companies seek professional help when protecting their business assets and intellectual property.

Are you thinking about hiring a lawyer to help you file a trademark? We will answer the following questions:

  • How much does a trademark attorney cost?
  • What can they do for you?
  • Are there any other fees you must cover when safeguarding your creations from infringement?

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How Can a Lawyer Assist You in Filing a Trademark?

Trademark attorneys have a vast knowledge of the trademark protection law. For this reason, they can help you register your ideas on a state or federal level with minimal complications. Whether you need to trademark a business logo, slogan, domain, or name, the primary purpose of an attorney is to make the registration procedure go smoothly.

A trademark lawyer can help you:

  • Choose a mark if you cannot come up with an idea yourself
  • Fulfill all registration requirements, such as:
  • Make a digital copy of your registration request
  • Handle all potential cease and desist letters
  • Assign your trademark ownership rights
  • Give a trademark license to another person or company

They may charge you extra for providing the following services:

  • Offering advice on your trademark strategies
  • Tracking the status of your trademark registration
  • Revising the registration certificate
  • Maintaining your registration to make the trademark last

How High Can Trademark Lawyer Fees Be?

The legal fee standards differ, but most professionals do not charge below $150 to $350 per hour. The total cost of a trademark attorney depends on three factors:

  1. Knowledge of the person you are hiring—If you opt for a lawyer that does not have much experience with trademark registration, they will need more time to figure out how to help you. That will automatically increase the total cost
  2. Reputation of the lawyer—Trademark lawyers typically set astronomical rates due to their high level of expertise. The more popular the attorney is, the higher the prices of their services will be
  3. Price of performing a comprehensive trademark search—If the USPTO search is included, the total expense may increase from an average sum of $1,500 to $30,000 for a full-on search on all levels
  4. Time they need to help you—The more help you need, the higher the fees will be
  5. Special circumstances or additional services—The following situations may entail extra costs:
    1. The search gets expanded to other areas or states within the U.S.
    2. The amount of data to be analyzed is higher than expected
    3. The trademark you are trying to register has already been occupied, as this requires a new search

What Other Costs Does Trademark Registration Entail?

Besides the attorney fees, you should be mindful of other expenses that the trademark registration procedure entails. The following table lists most of them:

TEAS Plus or Standard application
  • $250 for the TEAS Plus filing option
  • $350 for the TEAS Standard filing option
Trademark maintenance and renewal documents
  • $225 for a Declaration of Use/Excusable Non-Use
  • $300 for an Application for Renewal
  • $200 for a Declaration of Incontestability

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