How Much Does a Restraining Order Cost in Ohio?

File a Restraining Order How Much Does a Restraining Order Cost in Ohio?

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Restraining Order in Ohio?

There are many reasons why an individual would need a restraining order in Ohio, including protecting themselves against domestic or dating violence, stopping a stalker or someone who intends to cause harm, or even obtaining a restraining order to prevent another child from bullying your child at school or on social media. As with most legal processes, many people hesitate in seeking a restraining order because they are afraid of how much it costs. While Ohio courts consider, grant, register, modify, and enforce restraining orders at no financial cost to the petitioner, the time spent filing forms and researching pertinent laws is often overwhelming. DoNotPay can make this process easier.

The Difference Between Restraining Orders and Protection Orders in Ohio

While the terms "restraining order" and "protection order" are often used synonymously and legally mean the same thing in many states, Ohio places a distinction between the two:

  •  are typically involved in another type of legal action, such as a divorce, and are used to "restrain" the subject of the order from doing certain things, such as selling marital assets or harassing the other party.
  • Protection orders are official documents from the judge that order the defendant from continuing certain behaviors, such as causing injury to the petitioner, making threats, contacting the petitioner at home or at work, or attempting to communicate with them digitally.
  • While violating a restraining order is not considered a crime in Ohio, violating a protection order is and is punishable by fines and even jail time.

The Types of Protection Orders You Can Obtain in Ohio

There are four types of protection orders available in Ohio, including:

  1. Domestic violence civil protection orders are intended to protect members of a household from abuse perpetrated by a spouse, ex-spouse, parent, child, or someone you formerly had romantic relations with and shared a residence with.
  2. Dating violence civil protection orders are intended to protect the petitioner from violence or harassment from someone they were romantically involved with but did not live with.
  3. Civil stalking protection orders and sexually oriented offense protection orders protect the petitioner from being the victim of sexually oriented offenses perpetrated by the defendant, regardless of whether they had a romantic relationship.
  4. Juvenile civil protection orders protect victims from abuse or harassment from an offender who is under 18 years old.

In addition to these types of , there are also temporary protection orders available for those who are victims in a criminal domestic violence case or a case involving assault, stalking, or a sexually oriented offense.

How to Obtain an Ohio Protection Order

The steps involved in obtaining an Ohio protection order include:

  • Obtaining and filling out the required forms
  • Attending a hearing in order to obtain a temporary protection order
  • Serving the defendant with the temporary protection order and notice of a permanent order hearing.
  • Attending the hearing for the permanent order.

The Costs of Obtaining a Protection Order Often Come by Way of Time and Hassle

Obtaining a protection order, while not financially expensive, is costly in terms of the research required in understanding the laws that apply to your claim, filing the forms, serving the defendant, and attending hearings. While DoNotPay cannot simplify the task by finding a way for you to obtain a restraining order without filing a request or attending court hearings, we can make the process of gathering the information you need and filling out the forms easier.

Check Your State’s Restraining Order Laws

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How DoNotPay Can Help You Obtain an Ohio Protection Order

Through DoNotPay's Restraining Orders product, you can easily obtain the documents you need to begin the process, in addition to detailed instructions on how to fill out the forms and where to file them. Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Search for relationship protection on DoNotPay.


  2. Answer a few easy questions on our File a Restraining Order product.


  3. Submit the form and you're done!


DoNotPay will send you the paperwork you need to file with the court and detailed instructions on how to fill it out and where to file it. It is worth repeating: We cannot issue a restraining order; only the court can. We can, however, help you obtain the forms and guide you on how to use them.

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