How Much Can a Landlord Charge for Carpet Replacement?

Landlord Protection How Much Can a Landlord Charge for Carpet Replacement?

How Much Can A Landlord Charge A Tenant For Carpet Replacement?

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When Must A Carpet Be Replaced?

A landlord is legally responsible for ensuring that their property is habitable.  that has become moldy, or that presents any other health or safety risk must be replaced. Damage to carpet that does not affect the habitability of the property does not require replacement.

Whose responsibility is carpet replacement?The landlord is responsible for . This is considered an expense of owning a rental property. When a tenant causes unusual damage, beyond normal wear and tear, the landlord may be able to recover part of the cost from the tenant.
What is normal wear and tear?A landlord cannot charge a tenant for normal wear and tear. Carpet that wears thin in high traffic areas and even minor staining can be considered normal wear and tear. Major stains that cannot be cleaned or that leave the carpet irreparable, and holes or burn marks are considered excessive. These things count as property damage and the landlord can hold the tenant responsible for some but not all of the cost of replacement.


A carpet, like most things, loses value over time. This is called a depreciation period. This is the amount of time the item is reasonably expected to last with regular use.

According to the IRS, for tax purposes, the depreciation period for carpet in a rental property is five years. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has set a seven-year depreciation period. The depreciation period is not a limit on how long carpet is allowed to be used. You will have to check your state laws to determine the depreciation period in your state.

What A Tenant Can Be Held Liable For

If the tenant has caused unusual damage to the carpet, they still cannot be held accountable for the full cost of replacement. To determine how much the tenant should be expected to pay, you must do the math.

  1. Start with the value of the existing carpet, not the replacement cost of a new rug.  ex. $1,500
  2. Determine the depreciation period for your state. ex. 5 years
  3. How old was the carpet when the tenant moved in? ex. 2 years
  4. How long was the tenant living there? ex. 2 years
  5. Normal depreciation would be 4 years.
  6. Subtract the 4 years from the 5 year total.
  7. The tenant could only be held accountable for one year of normal depreciation that the carpet should have left.
  8. The original price of $1,500 divided by the 5-year depreciation period is $300 per year.

Carpet Cleaning Responsibility

Steam cleaning carpets is the responsibility of the property owner and must generally be done after a tenant moves out. Some landlords will try to make the tenants agree to pay for steam cleaning by adding a clause in the agreement. If your rental agreement has this clause in it, check your state laws, because some states do not allow landlords to hold the tenant accountable for cleaning. This is the cost of being a landlord.

Steps Landlords And Renters Should Take

Both the landlord and the tenant should take plenty of pictures to document the property's condition. Before moving in, during routine inspections, and after moving out, photos and videos are the best ways to document the condition of the property.

This documentation is the best way to protect yourself if you should need to sue the landlord in small claims court to return your deposit.  

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