How Long Do You Have to Pay a Speeding Ticket?

Appeal Speeding Tickets How Long Do You Have to Pay a Speeding Ticket?

How Long Do You Have to Pay a Speeding Ticket?

When you get a speeding ticket, it can be easy to feel like you have no choice but to pay for it. Instead of giving in, however, you can see how long to pay a speeding ticket you have and then look for ways to tilt the advantage utilizing the right tools. While a high-priced lawyer is one way to go, DoNotPay can build the best possible case on your behalf with very little time and effort, giving you an effective new way to fight a speeding ticket.

The Basics of Beating a Speeding Ticket

Although every region has its own framework for enforcing speed limits, it's good to have a general overview of how the process typically works. Consider these details if you are planning to fight a speeding ticket:

  • Radar guns are not always reliable.
  • Camera speeding tickets are becoming more common.
  • You may or may not have to physically appear before a judge or magistrate.
  • You have a right to file an appeal.
  • Paying a ticket is technically an admission of guilt.

Speed enforcement is far from a flawless process, as there is plenty of room for technical glitches and even human error. One of the biggest sources of error tends to be the radar gun itself. According to, the most common mistake with radar guns is identifying the wrong vehicle; the speed of a larger vehicle can easily be picked up while the radar gun is aimed at a small vehicle. Weather, highly reflective nearby objects, and overall visibility can all cause errors that can land you with a speeding ticket you don't deserve.

It's important to note that you always have a right to file an appeal. As explained by Carinsurance, paying a ticket is also typically considered a (minor) conviction that will go on your driving record, which is why you should consider your steps carefully. Once a ticket is on your driving record, your insurance premiums can be significantly raised for a few years before returning to normal.

Learn How Long You Have to Pay Your Speeding Ticket

One of the biggest differences from one city or region to the next is typically the length you have to appeal a speeding ticket. So just how long do you have to pay a speeding ticket? In the state of New York, for example, you typically have 60 days from the time the ticket is issued to either pay or file an appeal. In other areas, the time you have to respond can be as little as 30 days. It's very unusual to have less than 30 days to answer for a speeding citation.

This is why it's critical to look at the relevant dates and the fine print when issued a speeding ticket. If you miss the window to file an appeal or pay the ticket, you will likely be subject to even greater fines that will be even harder to fight. In short, always look for filing deadlines and make sure that you're there for any assigned court dates.

Appealing a Speeding Ticket by Yourself

To try to beat a speeding ticket on your own, here are some basic steps to get you started:

  1. Read all of the details on the ticket.
  2. Go to the website of the city, highway patrol, or municipality that issued the ticket.
  3. Look for inconsistencies to challenge.
  4. Include as many helpful details as possible in an appeal.
  5. Follow the listed process as closely as possible.
  6. If you have questions, seek answers ASAP.
  7. Do not miss court dates.

If you get a ticket or suspect you will receive one after traveling through a camera-monitored speed zone, writing down as many details as possible is a great start for fighting a traffic ticket. The strength of the ticket will often come down to the subjective narrative of the issuing officer, giving you a chance to challenge any inaccuracies or inconsistencies. Make sure to note any difficulties you had reading the signage or other problems that might have interfered with the radar gun's reading (e.g., being next to another large vehicle or poor weather).

It's also important to go straight to the source and make sure you're following the expected procedure. Judges and magistrates typically like hard facts and brief answers whenever possible, and always remember that losing composure during a traffic-court hearing is unlikely to help. By sticking to the facts and remaining composed, you will be able to give yourself the best chance of successfully dismissing or reducing your speeding ticket.

Quickly Get Started Fighting Your Speeding Ticket With DoNotPay

The clock is always ticking when it comes to battling speeding tickets, which is why it's a great idea to have some legal expertise at your side without paying for an expensive traffic attorney. With DoNotPay, five easy prompts can have you on your way to appealing a speeding ticket:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and find the Speeding Ticket product.


  2. Upload a photo of your speeding ticket.


  3. Provide us with some details on why you believe the citation issued is a mistake.


  4. Select whether or not you want the letter mailed to the traffic ticket issuer on your behalf! 
  5. That’s it! You’ll receive an appeal letter that contains state vehicle codes to boost your case.


After you've submitted your information, DoNotPay will guide you to the finish line.

Do You Need an Attorney to Contest a Speeding Ticket?

You can contest a speeding ticket on your own, but you can also hire an attorney if you wish to. But before you do hire a lawyer, you should also know the different advantages and disadvantages it has:

Will ensure your rights are not violated.Fees can sometimes be more than the speeding fine itself.
Gives you a sense of comfort when facing a judge.Finding a lawyer with the right experience for the job may take up a lot of your time.
Will help weigh the strength and weaknesses of your case to better prepare yourself in coming up with a strong legal strategy.Cannot guarantee you’ll win the case.

DoNotPay Is a Proven Way to Beat Traffic Tickets

More than just a way to save time and frustration, DoNotPay is a system that gets results in 120 seconds or less. Not long after DoNotPay launched in the United States in 2016, it quickly became a very effective tool to fight parking tickets. According to a profile of founder Joshua Browder in Business Insider. DoNotPay successfully appealed $3 million in parking fines in London and New York City in just its first few months of operation.

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