How Long Is the Opposition Period for a Trademark—All Questions Answered

Trademark Registration How Long Is the Opposition Period for a Trademark—All Questions Answered

How Long Is the Opposition Period for a Trademark in the USA?

Whether it is a business name, logo, or slogan, registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) helps you protect the distinctive assets of your company. Submitting a successful application to this agency is an important step when filing a trademark for your small business. Before the Office approves your trademark, the solution must go through the opposition period.

What does this term mean? Who can oppose your trademark, and how long is the opposition period for a trademark in the USA? Stop looking for answers all over the internet—our guide has the answers to all your questions!

What Is a Trademark Opposition?

Once you complete an application form and submit it to the USPTO, it must go through a detailed check. The institution assigns the application to an examining attorney that must review it and approve the registration. They must check if you meet the basic requirements, including:

  • Choosing the correct trademark class for your goods
  • Providing accurate and up-to-date details in your application form
  • Paying the processing fees on time

If no issues arise, your trademark gets published in the weekly Trademark Official Gazette, and that is the moment when the opposition period begins.

During the specified time frame, other business owners and third parties have the right to try to prevent the registration of your mark. To oppose your trademark, they must:

  • Have a real interest in the proceeding and a solid reason to do it
  • File a notice of opposition with the USPTO and wait for the outcome

How Long Are Trademarks Published for Opposition?

In the U.S., other parties can oppose your trademark registration within 30 days from the publication in the Gazette. Once the deadline for sending notices expires, it is not possible to complain anymore.

Why Would Another Party Oppose Your Trademark?

Other people may consider your trademark harmful for various reasons, including the following ones:

  1. They believe the idea you are trying to register is too similar to their existing marks
  2. The trademark infringes on their business ideas and rights in any other way
  3. The mark:
    1. Is too generic to describe a specified type of goods/products
    2. Does not describe the purpose of your products sufficiently
    3. Contains false suggestions
    4. Implies a false connection with the opposer
    5. Is abandoned
    6. Is geographically misdescriptive

What Should You Do if Someone Opposes Your Trademark?

The following table illustrates the procedure you must go through after the other party opposes the registration of your trademark:

Responding to a notice of oppositionOnce the opposer files a notice, you will receive a copy of it. From that moment, you have 30 days to respond to the allegations made in the document. When the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board receives your answer, they will set a date for the opposition proceeding
Preparing your defenseWhile waiting for the hearing, you can hire an attorney to help you build your case and defense. You must show up on each trial date
Receiving a final answerThe Trademark Trial and Appeal Board needs a few months to process the arguments of both parties and issue a final decision. If you believe it is unfair, you can complain by filing an appeal with the Federal Circuit or a local district court

What if No One Opposes Your Trademark?

If there are no complaints about the idea you want to trademark, the agency will finalize the registration process. From time to time, you must submit additional documentation to maintain your ownership. If you follow all the protocols and renew the trademark regularly, it can last as long as you need it for your business purposes.

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