How Long Does It Take To Get a Trademark—Explained

Trademark Registration How Long Does It Take To Get a Trademark—Explained

How Long Does It Take To Get a Trademark?

Are you ready to protect your trademark by registering it with the USPTO? The top question on your mind could be—how long does it take to get a trademark registered?

Ideally, it will take 12–18 months. Not as fast as you expected? Learn why it takes that long and how you can .

How Long Does It Take To Register a Trademark? An Overview of the Process

The trademark registration process involves several stages. We have summarized the process in the table below to help you understand why it takes that long :

Stages of the Trademark Registration ProcessTimeline (Months)Details
Initial review of the application4–6The USPTO reviews your application for any errors and confirms if your mark conflicts with any registered ones
Office Action6If there are any issues found during the initial review process, the USPTO will send you an Office Action—a letter detailing issues that you must correct within six months
Publication period in the Official Gazette3The USPTO publishes your mark in the Official Gazette for 30 days. The Gazette is published weekly to notify the public and give anyone a chance to dispute the claimed marks
Issuance of the trademark registration certificate2–3If no one disputes your trademark, you will be issued a trademark registration certificate

Why Get a Trademark?

Trademark registration is not required by any law in the U.S. You get the common law trademark rights by using your mark in commerce. The common law right means that you can enforce your ownership of the mark in your geographic area.

The federal trademark registration has more benefits over unregistered marks, for instance:

  • Getting legal ownership of the mark in relation to certain goods or services
  • Enforcing your exclusive ownership across the country
  • Having the basis for registering the trademark in foreign countries
  • Filing lawsuits for trademark infringement in a federal court

Before you apply for a trademark, you should assess whether this is the type of intellectual property protection you need. Learn the differences in the table below:

Intellectual PropertyDetails
Trademark or service markProtects brand elements—such as a logo or name—that help customers recognize your products or services
PatentProtects inventions and manufacturing processes, such as new machinery or chemical formulas for new drugs, by giving you exclusive rights for 20 years
CopyrightProtects creative and literary works, such as music, paintings, or books, for the creator’s lifetime and the additional 70 years

What Can You Trademark?

You can trademark almost anything that makes your brand stand out if you use it in commerce, for instance:

Business nameIdea (in a tangible format)Phrase
SloganDomain nameUsername
LogoArtist nameCharacter
ArtworkPictureBook series title
Clothing brandPodcast nameLogo design

How To Register a Trademark in the United States

The trademark application process has two major steps:

  • Search the USPTO database to avoid infringement
  • Complete the online application

Search the USPTO Database To Avoid Infringement

You should conduct a USPTO search to see if someone else has registered a similar mark. The USPTO can reject your application if it's similar to an existing one in your industry. In such a case, the application fees are not refundable. The trademark protection law only allows similar marks to coexist if the registered goods or services fall under different trademark classes.

If you find similar marks and your small business is in its initial stages, you can rebrand to avoid being sued for trademark infringement.

Complete the Online Application

Currently, USPTO accepts online applications only. To apply, you need to create a USPTO account which will allow you to access the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). For your initial application, you can choose either of these trademark application forms:

  1. TEAS Plus—This application will cost you $250 for every class of goods or services and has more upfront requirements
  2. TEAS Standard—This form has fewer requirements and includes an option to add custom descriptions of your items. You will pay $350 per class of goods or services

You must specify the goods or services to which your trademark will apply. Depending on the nature of your business, you can list your products under several trademark classes, but payment will be necessary for each class of goods or services that you list.

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When your trademark is registered, it can last a lifetime as long as you use it in commerce and periodically file the required documents for renewal.

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