How Long Does It Take To Get a Divorce in Missouri? This State Offers a Quick Divorce

Divorce Settlement Agreement How Long Does It Take To Get a Divorce in Missouri? This State Offers a Quick Divorce

How Long Does It Take To Get a Divorce in Missouri? It Depends on the Type of Divorce You Choose

If you want to go through a divorce fast and without too much hassle, you need to pick the right divorce type. Aside from that, you should get informed about proper filing procedures, divorce papers, potential costs, and obligatory separation or waiting periods.

How long does it take to get a divorce in Missouri? This article provides the answer and additional tips for seamless and quick divorce proceedings.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Divorce in Missouri?

How long it takes to get a divorce in Missouri partly depends on legal requirements. State laws mandate:

  • One spouse to have been a Missouri resident for at least 90 days
  • A 30-day cooling-off period between the filing of divorce papers and the final judgment

The point of the cooling-off time is to prevent spouses from making any rash decisions they might regret later.

While you can get divorced in the Show-Me State in 30 days, the actual duration of divorce proceedings:

  1. Can last a year or even longer
  2. Is determined according to various other criteria

How Long It Takes To Get a Divorce in Missouri—Other Influencing Factors

The main criteria that affect the duration and cost of a divorce in Missouri are:

  1. Judge’s schedule
  2. Court workload and impending hearings
  3. Potential contested issues

Judge’s Schedule

One of the factors that influence the duration of the divorce process is how available the judge is. If they’ve got a busy schedule, your case might take longer to be completed, even if it’s a simple uncontested divorce.

Court’s Workload and Hearings

If your local court has a heavy workload, you may need to wait for your case to come to the court’s calendar.

Aside from this, if you and your spouse are having disputes over some divorce matters, your case will probably last longer because:

  • You’ll need to attend a few court hearings
  • The judge will need more time to make the final judgment

You and Your Spouse Have Unresolved Issues

Your divorce will take longer if you and your spouse have some contested issues, i.e., divorce matters you cannot work out alone. You should consider going to mediation if you need professional assistance with some aspects of your divorce, including the following ones:

If you achieve an out-of-court settlement, you can file for a friendly, uncontested divorce. For this type of divorce, you can:

  1. Collect and prepare the uncontested divorce papers alone—You can download all required forms from the Missouri Courts website and complete and file them by yourself
  2. Save money—You don’t need to have a pricey attorney prepare the documents or represent you in court
  3. Complete the whole process fast—An uncontested divorce takes much less time than a contested one. You can take advantage of online divorce services in Missouri and present all the agreed-upon divorce terms listed in your divorce settlement agreement to the judge for approval

Can You Prepare a Divorce Settlement Agreement Alone?

A divorce settlement agreement is a crucial part of your divorce documentation as it contains all the divorce aspects you and your spouse agreed on. You could create the agreement by yourself if you’re familiar with state laws.

If not, you can consider the following options:

  • Let a lawyer do it—You could hire an attorney to draw up all documentation for your divorce, but make sure you’ve got enough money. A retainer fee can be substantial
  • Use online divorce services—While online templates could seem like a good choice, you should check whether they comply with state laws
  • Sign up for DoNotPay—Use our extensive legal database to create a reliable divorce settlement agreement stress-free

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