How Long Does a Lien Stay On Your Property in FL

Remove My Lien How Long Does a Lien Stay On Your Property in FL

How Long Does a Lien Stay On Your Property in Florida

How do you know if you have a lien on your property, and ? Is a mortgage lien going to be different than a judgment lien in Florida? And what are the Florida judgment lien statutes you need to know?

Chances are, if you're asking these questions, you're dealing with a Florida property lien and need answers. Going online will only send you down the never-ending rabbit hole of confusing terms, varying requirements, and hard-to-decipher legalese. But liens on your Florida property can have serious implications. And along with , you'll need to know what to do to resolve it.

Florida property liens are used by creditors in a variety of scenarios to recoup what they're owed from the debtor. And to remedy them, you'll need to know what steps to take, from making payments and renegotiation to completing lien release forms and clearing your property. And when the process is so complex and regulated by the state, finding answers to easy questions, like "how long does a lien stay on your property in Florida," can be daunting. 

Unless, of course, you decide to let DoNotPay help you handle those Florida property lien questions and remedies on your behalf.

What Does It Mean to Have a Property Lien in Florida?

Anytime you take out a loan, you assume the risk of encountering a lien. The creditor or lender will have language in your contract about recourse they can take should you default on your payments. And in many cases, these can be in the form of property liens according to Florida judgment lien statutes.

  • The sheriff can seize personal property awarded to the creditor.
  • Real estate laws allow lending institutions to levy property liens on your house, as well.
  • Tax liens with the IRS or government agencies can take precedence over other debts by garnishing bank accounts and other properties.

About Florida Lien Statutes

There are some details you'll need to know about Florida judgment lien statutes, real estate liens, tax liens, and vehicle liens. Each state regulates and provides various guidelines for collecting and submitting release forms. These might help answer some of your Florida lien-related questions, too.

Does Having a Property Lien Affect Buying & Selling My Property?Who can effectively put a lien on your house in Florida? Mortgage lenders typically represent most home liens, which may affect your ability to buy or sell the property. Technically, you can sell a house in Florida with a lien on it within certain conditions. But there are complications and restrictions about refinancing property loans. And lien holders usually have 45 days to respond regarding foreclosure and homestead status. Voluntary liens, like a second mortgage, are a little more flexible than involuntary liens, like those imposed by the IRS or your bank.
Who Else Can Put a Lien on Your House in Florida?Based on Florida lien statute 55.10, anyone can properly file a lien on your house. Whether it's in the form of a court-ordered judgment, order, or decree, an affidavit is all that's needed to execute a house lien.
How Long Does a Lien Stay on Your Property in Florida?Are there statutes of limitations, and how long does a lien stay on your property in Florida? Most liens are valid for five years, based on the original filing date. And Florida laws do allow judgment liens to be filed for a second time as an extension. Some liens, especially related to real estate, can be attached to your property for up to ten years.

How to Go About Removing a Florida Property Lien

According to Florida lien statutes, if you need to remove a lien from your property, you'll need to execute at least two key steps. These include:

  1. Have the creditor or contractor record a release of the lien
  2. File an appeal to have the specific lien released

Removing property liens might also require additional steps to secure final releases. Here's a shortlist of to-do steps you can expect to follow:

  • Pay the debt
  • Renegotiate the debt or terms of the agreement
  • Visit the DMV to request a clear title (vehicle liens)
  • Hire an attorney to help you expedite resolution

Because every  can be different, knowing what to do and where to go for help can be challenging. But you can avoid the tedious and complex process with DoNotPay.

Handling Your Florida Property Lien With DoNotPay

DoNotPay can assimilate all the pertinent information and details related to your Florida property lien situation and then send a letter to the creditor responsible for placing a lien on your property to request a renegotiation of the terms of your debt based on your needs.

Additionally, we can complete a Florida Release of Lien form and send it directly to your creditor for a signature, allowing you to remove the lien from your title and record and out of your mind once you renegotiate your debt. You can then move past your lien troubles and finally secure your Florida property once and for all.

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