How Long Does My Landlord Have to Fix Heat

Landlord Protection How Long Does My Landlord Have to Fix Heat

How Long Does a Landlord Have to Fix Heat?

If you are a renter, you have rights and responsibilities. Although states differ in the requirements placed on landlords, all states have laws and regulations to ensure safe, habitable living conditions in rental properties. And for most locations, that includes providing heat. When you ask , you must find out the laws that govern rental properties in your state.

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Does a Landlord Have to Fix Your Heat?

Every state has its own laws that define what living conditions are acceptable. This is known as the Implied Warranty of Habitability. As it applies to heating, the following states require a landlord to provide heat to be considered safe and habitable. In addition, next to the state is the . Though some states accept an oral repair request, the best idea is to submit a request in writing as soon as there is a problem.

StateTime limit that the landlord has to make the repairs
Alabama2 weeks
Alaska10 days
Arizona5 days
CaliforniaReasonable time period
Colorado5 days
Connecticut15 days
Florida20 days
GeorgiaReasonable time period
Idaho3 days
IndianaReasonable time period
Iowa7 days
Kansas14 days
Kentucky14 days
Maine14 days
MarylandReasonable time period
Massachusetts14 days
Michigan24 hours to reasonable time period
Minnesota14 days
Mississippi30 days
Montana14 days
Nebraska14 days
Nevada14 days
New Hampshire14 days
New Jersey (multifamily units only)Reasonable time period
New Mexico7 days
New York (multifamily units only)Reasonable time period
North CarolinaReasonable time period
North DakotaReasonable time period
OhioReasonable time period
Oklahoma14 days
Oregon7-30 days
PennsylvaniaReasonable time period
Rhode Island20 days
South Carolina14 days
South DakotaReasonable time period
TennesseeNot specified
Utah3-10 days
Vermont30 days
Virginia21 days
Washington24 hours to 10 days
West VirginiaNot specified
Wyoming Reasonable time period
Washington D.C.Reasonable time period

How Do You Ask Your Landlord for Repairs to Your Heat?

Although some states allow verbal requests, it is always better to prepare your request in writing. Be specific with your problem. Describe what occurred, when it happened, and how it is affecting your lifestyle. Obviously, if temperatures are frigid, small children or at-risk adults are involved, or there is an emergency situation, be sure to itemize the issues. Keep a copy of the document for your records. Your landlord cannot withhold security deposits to fix your heat or discriminate against you in any way.

What Can You Do if Landlord Does Not Respond or Repair in the Specified Time Period?

If you have not gotten your heat repaired, or if your landlord has not responded to your , you have several options. However, these options are not viable in all states. Consult your state laws to determine your best next step.

  • Withhold rent. Not all states allow a tenant to withhold rent until a repair is made. If your state does not allow this option, you could be evicted or hit with late fees.
  • Move out or terminate your lease. Many states allow this as an option for terminating your lease. Be careful to check if your state is one of these. If not, you could be charged rent and fees for the remainder of the lease term.
  • Repair and Deduct.  Some states allow this as an option. If your landlord fails to repair your heat, and you have it repaired or purchase space heaters, that amount could be deducted from your rent, with accompanying receipts.
  • Pursue legal action. If you cannot get your heat repaired in the time allowed, you can take your landlord to small claims court to recover any losses you incur.

What if You Can’t Do It Yourself?

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