How Long Does the Divorce Process Take From Start to Finish?

Divorce Settlement Agreement How Long Does the Divorce Process Take From Start to Finish?

How Long Does a Divorce Take, and Can I Finalize It Swiftly?

However eager you may be to finalize your divorce, many factors can influence the length of the process. While you have to respect your state’s legal requirements, being familiar with potentially aggravating issues can help you avoid them and speed everything up.

“How long does a divorce take?” is a question DoNotPay will address in this article. We will also explain how to execute a friendly divorce as fast as possible!

How Long Does It Take To Get Divorced?

Estimating the time it takes to get divorced depends on:

  1. Your state laws
  2. Type of divorce you’re filing for, such as:
    1. Fault or no-fault
    2. Contested or uncontested
  3. County court’s availability
  4. Your and your spouse’s circumstances

State Laws

Your state of residence may have specific demands that can slow down the process, such as:

  • Having a mandatory cooling-off period—It serves to give the spouses a chance to reconcile or get adjusted to their new situation
  • Going through a required period of separation—Some states won’t let you get divorced if you haven’t been separated for a specific period of time
  • Meeting residency requirements—Almost all states require you to be a resident of the jurisdiction before you can file for divorce

Type of Divorce

Every state allows you to file for a no-fault divorce (where neither spouse gets blamed for breaking up the marriage). In some states, you can file a fault-based divorce claiming adultery, cruel behavior, etc. A divorce based on fault involves numerous court hearings and a trial, which prolongs the process significantly.

Having a contested divorce is similar. If you and your spouse can’t agree on certain issues, you will have to follow a time-consuming court procedure before the judge decides on your case.

Family Court’s Backlog

If your county’s court has a backlog of cases, yours will take more time to get on the court calendar. Bear in mind that if your county has a large population, delays are much more likely.

Other Aggravating Issues

A person will sometimes try to punish their former partner by prolonging the divorce. They often do it by:

  • Filing for a fault-based divorce out of spite—Talk to your spouse and see if you can come to a solution together
  • Avoiding to be served with the divorce papers—Don’t waste time and hire a professional server

Other times, a person can suspect their former spouse is hiding assets from them. Investigating the situation typically prolongs the divorce further.

Note that complex issues, such as those involving assets and child custody, will take longer to resolve in court. It’s in both partner’s best interest to come to an agreement quickly and avoid any unnecessary stress and expenses.

How Long Does the Divorce Take if Both Parties Agree?

A certified way to speed up the divorce proceedings is to file for an uncontested divorce. That involves agreeing with your partner on all major issues, such as:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Division of assets
  • Child and spousal support
  • Life and health insurance

The length of the uncontested divorce depends on the steps involved to complete the process. Take a look at the table below for further clarification:

Steps Details
File for divorce
  • Fill out appropriate forms
  • File them at your county’s court
  • Pay the fee
  • Serve the papers to your spouse
  • Wait for your spouse’s response
  • Have the documents notarized
  • Go through a state’s mandatory waiting period (you may be able to get a waiver if there’s a good cause)
Complete the processOnce your case reaches the judge, it may take them anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to approve and sign the judgment

One of the crucial documents in an uncontested divorce is a divorce settlement agreement. It outlines the items you and your spouse have agreed upon.

A divorce settlement agreement must be created according to the state laws, or the judge may dismiss it. Since hiring a lawyer to write it is expensive and relying on online templates is risky, we offer the ultimate solution. Sign up for DoNotPay and get a bullet-proof divorce settlement agreement without breaking the bank!

Let DoNotPay Fast Track Your Divorce

Even when you and your spouse are on the same page, a divorce can cause a significant financial setback. To complete the process fast and with as few expenses as possible, use our app to create a marital settlement agreement!

With DoNotPay, you will get a professional divorce settlement agreement that complies with state laws and personal requirements.

Before getting your personalized document, you’ll have to follow these steps:

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  2. Locate our Divorce Settlement Agreement tool
  3. Answer questions from our chatbot regarding your:
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    2. Children
    3. Income
    4. Financial assets

We will create a divorce settlement agreement based on the details you provided and send it to you right away. To get the document notarized, choose the appropriate option in our questionnaire, and we will connect you with an online notary.

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