How Long Does a Divorce Take in Illinois? DoNotPay Knows!

Divorce Settlement Agreement How Long Does a Divorce Take in Illinois? DoNotPay Knows!

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Illinois? Find Out With DoNotPay

Divorces can be complicated, stressful, and long—some can drag on for years. How long does a divorce take in Illinois? We’ll answer this question for you, but that’s not all we can do. DoNotPay can help you get a fast divorce in Illinois by creating the perfect divorce settlement agreement in a snap.

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Divorce Laws in Illinois—Full Explanation

Illinois is a no-fault divorce state, which means that the court doesn’t care whose fault the breakup of marriage was. Your divorce can be contested or uncontested, depending on whether or not you and your spouse agree on divorce-related concerns.

Another option that Illinois offers is an expedited form of divorce, which is called a joint simplified dissolution of marriage. You can file for a joint simplified dissolution if you and your spouse:

  • Meet the residency requirements
  • Have been married for less than eight years
  • Have no children together and aren’t expecting any
  • Don’t own a house together
  • Have less than $10,000 in joint assets
  • Earn less than $20,000 individually
  • Have a combined income of less than $35,000

How Long Does It Take To Get Divorced in Illinois?

The length of your divorce mainly depends on the type of divorce you file for:

  • No agreement with your spouse—If you decided to get divorced but didn’t make an agreement with your spouse, you’ll go through a series of court hearings and spend a bunch of money on lawyers. In this case, your divorce could drag on for years, which can be torture, especially if you have kids
  • Mutual agreement on all terms of the divorce—If you and your partner both agree to get a friendly divorce, the process will be shorter. By spelling out the terms of your divorce in a divorce settlement agreement, you can avoid long court hearings and potentially finalize the divorce within a month of filing for it. This approach will also cost you less than any other option

In both cases, you’ll have to file a petition for dissolution of marriage with the court. You’ll also need to serve the papers to your spouse and wait for their answer.

What Requirements Do You Need To Meet Before You File for Divorce?

The requirements that you must meet before you file for divorce in Illinois are:

  • You or your spouse need to have been a resident of Illinois for at least 90 days if you don’t have children together
  • If you and your spouse have children, you need to have lived in Illinois for 180 days prior to filing for divorce

How Long Do You Have To Be Separated Before a Divorce in Illinois?

If you or your spouse decide to file for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, you have to have lived separately for at least two years. If both of you agree to divorce, you need to have lived separately for six months.

How To File for an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

If you'd like to file for an uncontested divorce in Illinois and finish the whole process quickly and at a low cost, follow these steps:

Talk to your spouseIt is important that you and your spouse agree on everything if you want a quick divorce. Talk to your partner before filing and make sure you agree on all terms. If you have differences, mediation might come in handy
Collect and file all the necessary formsDo the research and check with your county clerk what types of forms and documents you need to collect, complete, and file. In most cases, you can find the required forms online.

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Make a divorce settlement agreementA divorce settlement agreement is an important part of your divorce process. It should contain all the terms of the divorce that you and your partner agree on, including:

This type of document serves to protect both you and your spouse

How To Speed Up the Divorce Procedure in Illinois

If you want to speed up your divorce in Illinois, consider doing the following:

  1. Prepare all the necessary documentation prior to filing for a divorce
  2. Book a few mediation sessions if you and your partner can’t agree on all terms of your divorce—this way, you’ll be more efficient with your divorce
  3. Rely on DoNotPay to create you a divorce settlement agreement in a snap

DoNotPay Helps You Get a Divorce Settlement Agreement in Minutes

DoNotPay created a new product that will help you speed up your divorce. With the help of our platform, you can create a mistake-free divorce settlement agreement in a few simple steps without breaking the bank.

Sign up for DoNotPay and follow the instructions below to create a divorce settlement agreement effortlessly:

  1. Open our Divorce Settlement Agreement product
  2. Add all the necessary information about your spouse and children (if you have any)
  3. Provide details about your income and financial assets, and indicate how you want to allocate them

DoNotPay will generate the perfect divorce settlement agreement, and all you need to do is sign it with your partner. You should also get it notarized for extra protection.

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