Learn How a Horse Lease Agreement Works

Standardized Legal Documents Learn How a Horse Lease Agreement Works

Quit Foaling Around and Learn All About the Horse Lease Agreement

It seems as if nowadays you can write a contract for anything that comes to your mind. That is great news for any equestrian who may need a horse lease agreement. 

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What Is an Equine Lease Agreement?

People often lease their horses when they don’t have time or finances to care for them but still wish to keep the ownership. This is a smart choice because it cuts down the owner’s costs and keeps the animal at work—healthy and properly cared for.

The equine lease agreement is signed between a lessor and a lessee. It should contain numerous statements that will protect all of the parties and the horse.

What Are the Key Points of Every Horse Lease Agreement?

If you are the one leasing a horse, you’ll want to make sure you don’t lose it. The lessee might sell it or keep it for themselves if you don’t state the necessary conditions in the contract. You can only rely on written agreements for protecting your property. 

Take a look at the table below to see the important details every equine lease agreement ought to contain:

Required InfoDetails

Lessor and Lessee Personal Info

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • City
  • Email

Horse Description

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Color
  • Height
  • Breed
  • Registration or tattoo
  • Registration association
  • Distinguishing markings

Lease Terms

  • Lease start and end date
  • A number of days to give notice if anyone wishes to terminate the agreement
  • Form of payment
  • Amount of monthly or daily charges

Lessee Entitlements

  • Number of rides per week
  • The equipment to be used on the horse
  • Other horse care (stall cleaning, feeding, veterinary care, etc.)

Lease Purpose

  • Lessons
  • Practice
  • Shows
  • Jumping
  • Trail riding

Protective Gear and Riding Apparel

  • An SEI approved riding helmet
  • Appropriate footwear (tall boots, paddock boots, or regular shoes with a low heel)

Relevant Statements

  • Riding privilege—Establishing who has the riding privilege (only the lessee or their friends and family as well)
  • The sole owner of the horse—Confirming that the lessor remains the sole owner of the horse and that the lessee may not sell it
  • The right to inspect—Allowing the lessor to show up whenever they want to see how the lessee is taking care of the horse 

You should also make sure that both parties sign the document to make it official.

Horse Lease Agreement and the Hold Harmless Clause

Another important part of every equine lease agreement is the hold harmless clause. This clause is a necessity for all dangerous activities. Horseback riding falls into this category, which is why you ought to include the clause in your contract. Hold harmless clause states that the lessee needs to agree to hold the lessor harmless from all actions, personal injuries, and damage to property caused by the horse.

Types of Horse Lease Agreements

When making an equine lease agreement, you may choose between two types of contracts:

  1. Full lease—The owner won't use the horse while it is leased. The lessee doesn’t have many restrictions
  2. Partial lease—The lessee may have the horse only for a while. There are specific time frames when they have the right to ride the horse. It is also known as the half-lease agreement

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