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How To Start Homeschooling in PA—DoNotPay Answers Your Questions

The Pennsylvania school system may be good, but homeschooling offers you an opportunity to personalize your child’s education and make it even better.

Homeschooling is a major step, but once you have started, Pennsylvania makes homeschooling easy for parents wanting to move out of traditional schooling.

DoNotPay has all the info you need to start homeschooling in PA—the process may be easier than you think!

What Are the Basics of PA Homeschool Law?

Every child between the ages of eight and 16 has to attend school in Pennsylvania, but opting out of traditional schooling requires you to jump through a few hoops.

To be eligible to be a homeschool teacher, you need to have:

Once you are homeschooling your child, you have to comply with the following ongoing assessment procedures:

  1. Home education evaluation
  2. Standardized testing
  3. Fulfillment of graduation criteria
  4. Immunization

Home Education Evaluation

Your child must be interviewed every year by a state-approved homeschool evaluator.

This is designed to make sure each homeschool student is progressing in line with their age and school grade.

Standardized Testing

The state requires every homeschooled child to take standardized tests in grades three, five, and eight.

Fulfillment of Graduation Criteria

In contrast to many other states, your child can achieve a state-recognized high school diploma in homeschool.

If you have fulfilled all the ongoing requirements up to your child’s final school year, getting a diploma involves:

  • Submitting a portfolio or affidavit for 12th grade
  • Being interviewed by a certified evaluator
  • Getting the standard state diploma certificate countersigned by the evaluator


You have to prove that your child has received all the state’s required vaccines and that the immunization records are up-to-date.

Is There a Required Curriculum in Pennsylvania?

PA homeschool laws require you to teach the following subjects:

School LevelRequired Subjects
  • English, including reading, writing, and spelling
  • Math
  • Science
  • Geography
  • U.S. history
  • Civics
  • Safety education
  • Health and physical education
  • Music and art
  • English, including language, literature, speaking, and essay-writing
  • Math, including algebra and geometry
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Social studies, including civics, U.S. and PA history, and world history
  • Music and art
  • Physical education, health, and safety

Electives can include:

  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Foreign languages
  • Trigonometry

To qualify for a high school diploma, your child must complete the following in grades nine through 12:

  • Four years of English tuition
  • Three years of math, science, and social studies
  • Two years of arts and humanities

PA legislation states that your homeschooling hours must total a minimum of 180 days or 900 hours per year, with the requirement increasing to 990 hours in secondary school.

Where Can You Get Curriculums or Teaching Material in Pennsylvania?

Once you have got through the barriers to entry, Pennsylvania is highly supportive of your homeschooling activities.

Most school districts offer you free access to:

  • Public school curriculums
  • Textbooks and teaching materials
  • Extracurricular activities and field trips run by your local school

This means that your child can follow the same subjects at the same time as public school peers, as well as participate in sports, bands, drama groups, and other clubs.

Use of your school districts materials isn’t mandatory, though, so you are free to:

The pros and cons of each of these approaches are:

Curriculum TypePros and Cons
Created curriculumDeveloping your own teaching program means you can choose a mix of teaching methods to better stimulate your child.

You are not limited to one teaching style but can incorporate methods such as:

You can also share the teaching with other homeschool parents by starting or joining a homeschool co-op

Off-the-shelf programReady-made curriculums are convenient and comprehensive, providing you with everything you need to homeschool—your most important job is to prepare and concentrate on teaching effectively.

Most pre-packaged programs stick to one teaching approach, though, so you should choose carefully according to:

  • The child’s preferred way of learning
  • Your budget
  • Your teaching experience with unfamiliar methodologies

How Do You Get Started With Homeschooling in PA?

Getting your homeschool started in Pennsylvania consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparing an affidavit
  2. Having it notarized
  3. Sending it to your school district

Preparing an Affidavit

You need to prepare an affidavit stating your intention to homeschool your child. The document has to include:

  • Your child’s name, address, and school grade
  • Name of the proposed teacher and confirmation of their eligibility
  • Affirmation that you will be teaching in English
  • Confirmation of your child’s immunizations and health checks
  • Promise to teach all the required subjects for the correct number of hours
  • Summary of the teaching objectives for each subject

You can begin homeschooling at any time, but your affidavit—or letter of intent—must be received by the school district before you take your child out of school.

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