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Help With Bills Get Help With Your Electric Bill In Hawaii

4 Steps To Get Help With Your Electric Bill In Hawaii

Living in Hawaii may be a dream to most people, but to those who live there, expenses may actually be a high-stress burden. Need help understanding and organizing your electric bill in Hawaii? Read on to learn how to get control of your bills, including your light bill, internet bill, gas bill, and more.

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Understanding Your Hawaii Electric Bills

Chances are, your bill comes from Hawaiian Electric. It offers services to help you understand how to read the bill and explains the charges to you. It is dedicated to helping residential customers with their bills and reducing costs. You can reach the customer service line:

  1. Via a mobile app on Apple or Android
  2. Outage report: 1-855-304-1212 or online
  3. Via Contact us

Electric rates are higher because the island has independent systems with their own backup systems. Because of this, each island has its own rates, which are dependent on the size of the island. Understanding the bill comes down to knowing the elements of the bill. There are ten basic sections:

The top left box is the Summary Box.It contains a simple form of the bill's information.
Outstanding BalanceIndicates if any portion is overdue.
Due DateIndicates when to pay the bill.
Total Amount DueThe amount you should pay with taxes and fees included.
The Billing PeriodLets you know the dates that the charges are covered; it includes the meter number and readings.
Usage ProfileLets you see how this month's charges compare to the same month last year.
The Messages SectionContains any notes from the electric company that you need to pay attention to.
The bill Detail BoxShows you how much electricity you used, what it costs, and any fees and taxes.
Current ChargesBreak down all the charges on the account so you know exactly where you are being charged.
FinallyThe last is another total amount due.

Check for Errors in Your Bills

You can check for errors on your bill by comparing meter readings to the readings on the bill. You can also track your usage on your account and on the app. Keeping track of the actual usage will help you understand when a misreading or inaccurate charge has been appointed to your account.

Organizations That Can Help With Bills

If you get behind on your electric bill, you can request an extension and late fee waiver from the Hawaiian Electric company. If they can not help get you caught up, there are other organizations to help low-income families to pay their bills, including

  • The LIHEAP
  • Hawai'i Utility bill assistance program

Requesting help directly from the electric company usually is fruitful, especially if you are not already behind. Keeping in contact with the company can help you in the long run.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Bill?

Eventually, if you do not pay the bills, then you risk the shut-off of your electricity. With a shut-off, you will also incur more fees from turning on the electricity, late fees, and the already past due charges.

How to Negotiate Bills

Staying in contact with the electric company will help with negotiating down the bill. Discounts may be available for Veterans, the elderly, and low-income residents. Contact the electric company to find out how they can assist with lowering your bills.

How to Pay Hawaii Bills With the Help of DoNotPay

You don't have to spend hours on the phone or at the electric company's office in order to effectively negotiate your bill down. DoNotPay can do it faster, without you spending more than a few minutes on the task.

DoNotPay Can Help Lower Your Bills:

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