Hawaii Scholarships and Grants: A Complete Guide

Discover and Apply for Scholarships Hawaii Scholarships and Grants: A Complete Guide

The Ins and Outs of Hawaii Scholarships

Hawaii is an extremely popular tourist destination, but the state is also known for its range of high-demand colleges. You can even find plenty of scholarships to help you graduate debt-free while living in paradise! Hawaii scholarships cater to students of all kinds—even accommodating international and graduate students!

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Hawaii Scholarships—What To Expect

Since the state aims to make education affordable for all students, scholarships and grants are available aplenty—if you know where to look. Scholarships in Hawaii are awarded based on multiples factors, such as:

  1. GPA or merit
  2. Financial need
  3. Ethnicity or minority status
  4. Military or veteran status

Which Hawaii Scholarships Am I Eligible For?

Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian students alike may be eligible to apply for numerous funding options to offset the price of quality education. There are plenty of scholarships available for undergraduates, low-income students, college juniors, college freshmen, sophomores, and even doctoral students. Here are some scholarships in Hawaii that may cater to your needs:

Fukunaga Scholarship Foundation$20,000Applicants are required to demonstrate significant leadership qualities and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. An applicant must have attended a high school in Hawaii, must show financial need, and have a desire to build a career in business
Hawai’i Community Foundation ScholarshipsVariesVaries
OHA Native Hawaiian ScholarshipsVariesApplicants must be of Native Hawaiian ancestry and must have graduated from a Hawaiian school with a GPA above 2.8
Bank of Hawaii Foundation Scholarships$3,500Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and a minimum GPA of 2.0
Jeanne Allan Anderson Family Scholarship$1,000 annuallyRecipients must have excellent academic standing and show proof of financial need. They are also required to submit an undergraduate application form and FAFSA by March 31

Other Scholarships in Hawaii

Scholarships for women and groups in special situations are available in the state—if you have the patience to look for them. These opportunities include the following:

  • Alma White – Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship
  • OHA Native Hawaiian Scholarships
  • NIADA Region IV Scholarship
  • Maui County Farm Bureau Scholarship
  • Henry and Joyce W. Sumid Scholarship
  • Alaka‘ina Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Albert and Dorothy Shigekuni Scholarship Fund
  • Clem Judd Jr. Memorial Scholarship

How To Apply for a Scholarship in Hawaii

Scholarship applications in Hawaii follow the same steps as most states. One or more of the following documents are usually required:

Some programs’ committees want to see proof that you are a Native Hawaiian or a resident of the state. A good rule of thumb is to always have multiple copies made of all your official documents. This is especially important if you apply for more than one opportunity since some schools may not return the paperwork to you regardless of your application status.

Applying for Scholarships in Hawaii—The Resources

The State of Hawaii has a number of official resources at hand for those who seek scholarships—especially for students planning to attend community colleges. These offices are dedicated to helping aspiring students with education- and scholarship-related issues.

Although you will not receive a scholarship just by reaching out, you can call one of the following numbers or visit the websites to talk to a representative and get answers to scholarship queries in your area:

AreaPhone NumberWebsite
Mānoa(808) 956-7251University of Hawaii at Manoa
Hilo(808) 974-7323UH Hilo
West O’ahu(808) 689-2800University of Hawaii: West O'ahu
Honolulu(808) 845-9116University of Hawaii: Honolulu Community College
Kapiolani(808) 734-9555University of Hawaii: Kapiolani Community College
Kaua‘i(808) 245-8360University of Hawaii: Kaua'i Community College
Leeward(808) 455-0606University of Hawaii: Leeward Community College
Maui(808) 984-3277University of Hawaii Maui College
Windward(808) 235-7449University of Hawaii: Windward Community College

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