Having a Problem With Noisy Upstairs Neighbors? Revenge Is What They’ll Get

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How To Deal With Noisy Upstairs Neighbors—Revenge Plan

What to do when you can’t sleep because of your noisy neighbors? Should you exact a noisy upstairs neighbors revenge? This article will tell you all about the ways you can deal with your noisy neighbors—from writing a letter to a neighbor about noise to getting back at them by filing a complaint.

You can also to generate a legal demand before going to the authorities.

Proposing a Solution Before Seeking Revenge

Before exacting revenge on your noisy neighbor, you might want to think of a different solution. You can try and block the noise on your own or talk to your neighbor. The chances are that they have no idea how much distress they’re causing you.

Here are some of the potential solutions to your noisy neighbor problem:

  • If they have a barking dog—You can talk to them about how much the barking affects you and propose a sonic training device as a solution
  • If they’re partying all night—Propose to your neighbor a day party or to have parties only on weekends
  • If they’re having loud sex—Since this is a delicate topic, you should approach it with sensitivity. Go to your neighbor and explain how thin the walls are. They might get embarrassed, so be considerate

Try Negotiating With Your Noisy Neighbors

Noisy neighbor retaliation might seem like a good idea, but you might want to try negotiating first. You can follow these instructions on how to deal with noisy neighbors to try and negotiate your way out of the noise:

  1. Choose the time of day when you know your neighbor is at home
  2. Be calm and collected when you go for a visit
  3. Bring some homemade baked goods if you want to be extra friendly
  4. Knock on their door calmly
  5. Inform them in a friendly but confident way of the noise they’re making
  6. Tell them how the noise makes you feel and why you need them to be quieter
  7. Keep your head straight and be polite

If the friendly approach doesn’t work, then it’s time to take revenge on your noisy neighbors.

How To Get Revenge on Noisy Neighbors

If all else fails, you can always get back at your noisy neighbors easily—all you need is a little creativity. There are multiple ways you can exact revenge on your neighbors, but be sure that you’re not doing anything illegal.

You can get revenge on your neighbors by:

  • Giving them a taste of their own medicine
  • Ignoring them
  • Getting a loud pet
  • Throwing a party
  • Putting jelly on their doorknob
  • Signing them up for junk mail
  • Filing a complaint with the Homeowner Association (HOA)
  • Calling the police

Top Five Ways To Annoy Upstairs Neighbors

We have come up with some ideas on how you can annoy your neighbors, but keep in mind that anything you do will have consequences.

Check out the table below for the top five ideas on how to get back at your noisy neighbors:

The DeedDetailed Explanation
Doorbell ditchChoose an extremely inconvenient time to ring your neighbor’s doorbell and run away. After they answer and see no one’s there, wait for them to get back inside and do it again. Repeat the action a few times, but don’t overdo it because they might expect it the next time
Send advertisers to their apartmentWhen someone rings your doorbell to sell you something, mention your neighbor as the perfect person for the product. Make the advertisers go to your neighbor’s door
Bang on the ceilingUse your broom or any type of tool with which you can reach the ceiling and bang on it. Make the noise while your neighbor is asleep
Use your vacuum cleaner after hoursWhen your noisy neighbors go to sleep, you can start your vacuum cleaner. The later in the day, the better
Play some loud musicIf you play a musical instrument or own loudspeakers, play some music for your upstairs neighbors. Be sure to play something they don’t like

Let DoNotPay Help You With Noisy Neighbors in Minutes

DoNotPay suggests you deal with your noisy neighbors amicably. If they don’t change anything, you need to escalate.

Using our Neighbor Complaint product, you will summarize all your complaints into a legal demand letter that DoNotPay will send to your neighbor. You can also send the arbitration notice along with the compensation and damages you seek.

The letter you create using DoNotPay will include a warning of further legal actions you might take if your neighbor doesn’t stop. All you need to do is and follow these steps:

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  2. Select the type of problem you’re having with your neighbor
  3. Provide more details about your situation—when the noise occurred, whether you’ve spoken to your neighbor about it, how much compensation you are seeking, etc.

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