The Best Way to Contact Halfords Customer Service

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Contact Halfords Customer Service the Easy Way

You depend on your car for your livelihood or social life, and you don't want to deal with customer service issues when trying to obtain parts or get repairs. If you need to contact Halfords Customer Service, DoNotPay offers the perfect product to help you do so efficiently. Your vehicle represents a valuable asset, and you'll want to understand the best way to contact and follow up with Customer Service to ensure you get the best service and results possible. Knowing how to handle Customer Service will save you time and money.

Phone and Email for Halfords Customer Support

Halfords provide live customer service agents seven days a week for retail products and services concerns. 

Below you'll find the contact methods and numbers for Halfords Customer Service:

By Phone

  • 0330 135 9779
  • Monday - Friday 8:00-20:00
  • Saturday - 8:00-18:00
  • Sunday - 10:00-17:00

Live Chat

  • Live Chat provides the quickest way to contact Customer Service.
  • Monday-Sunday - 8:00-22:00

Halfords suggests that you check out FAQs before contacting Customer Service. If you wish to file a complaint about a regulated product, you should follow the FCA Regulated Products Complaints Procedure.

How Else May I Handle My Issues With Halfords?

The following steps will guide you in what to do if you don't achieve satisfaction by contacting a Customer Service Representative via phone, email or one of the instant chat methods. As you progress through the steps, make certain you document phone calls and retain emails and written communications.

  1. Contact the supervisor or manager of Customer Service. If a resolution doesn't follow, continue through the chain of command until you reach the Head Office of Halfords.
  2. You may consider employing an Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (ADR). An ADR serves as a mediator for the customer and the business. When using an ADR, you need to realise that the final decision becomes binding. If you're not pleased with the outcome, you may not advance your complaint to an Ombudsman or Small Claims Court.
  3. You may refer your situation to the company's Ombudsman or an independent Ombudsman. To get an Ombudsman involved, you will need to exhaust your efforts with Customer Service and the executive offices.
  4. File a claim with Small Claims Court. You will need chronologically accurate and detailed records.

Corporate Address for Halfords

Halford started back in 1892 founded by FW Rushbrooke. In 1892 they dealt primarily with bicycle products. Today the autos and auto accessories make up the bulk of the business in the 462+ stores in the UK and Ireland.

The contact information for the Head Office follows here:

Head Office AddressHalford Head office

Icknield Street Drive

Washford West, Redditch

Worcestershire, England

Head Office Phone01527-517-601
Head Office Web AddressHalfords Group

Reasons to Contact Halfords Customer Support

The most common reasons Halford customers contact Customer Service include the following:

  • Products delivered late
  • Hard to get through to support with a delivery problem
  • Incomplete or faulty mechanical care that may end up lowering the value of your auto
  • Incorrect parts or tires
  • Lack of professionalism from the workers and mechanics
  • Inefficient service
  • Rude Customer Service Agents

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