Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal Explained

Reducing Property Taxes Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal Explained

How To File a Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal With Zero Hassle

While Georgia is one of the states with low property tax rates, many of Georgia counties have property tax rates above the state average. The effective property tax rate in Gwinnett County is 1.19%, which is both above the state and national average rate. 

If you live in this Georgia county, you should consider every potential method of lowering your property taxes, especially if you’re unsatisfied with your property tax assessment.

This article will explain how the Gwinnett County property tax appeal works and where you can find step-by-step instructions on filing an appeal yourself.

Understanding Property Tax Assessments

Gwinnett County Tax Assessor’s Office carries out property tax assessments every three to five years to estimate the value of each property and later calculate property tax bills.

The Georgia Counties Board of Assessors mails the Annual Notices of Assessment, usually in the first half of May, to every property owner in Georgia. If you are not satisfied with your property tax assessment, you can appeal it within 45 days from the date when the Board of Assessors mails the notice.

Why You Should File a Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal

If you receive an Annual Notice of Assessment that is unusually high, you should file an appeal. Before you do that, you can request to see the work papers the assessor used to determine the value of your property. More often than not, the assessor’s work papers can unveil mistakes and irregularities, which you can use to strengthen your property tax appeal letter.

Here are some of the reasons why you should submit a Gwinnett County property tax appeal letter:

  • The property details are inaccurate
  • Your assessment includes assets or real property that is not yours
  • The assessor estimated the same property twice
  • The value of your property increased a lot compared to the previous assessment

How Does a Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal Work?

To appeal your assessment on your own, you should do the following:

  1. Check the property record card to see the details of the assessment
  2. Fill out the PT-311A Appeal of Assessment Form
  3. Submit the form
    • Online at the Gwinnett County Tax Assessor’s Office official website
    • Via mail to Gwinnett County Board of Assessors, 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

While the process seems straightforward enough, if this is your first time dealing with a property tax appeal, you may need some assistance. To avoid making mistakes that can lead to a rejected appeal, sign up for DoNotPay and get a personalized manual on dealing with property taxes.

DoNotPay Has All the Information about the Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal Process

Dealing with property taxes can be quite demanding, especially if you don’t have any experience or knowledge about it. The Board of Equalization can easily reject your appeal letter because of a seemingly small mistake or inaccurate information.

It is good to know that you don’t have to hire a tax accountant or legal advisor to help you with your property taxes issues—the world’s best virtual assistant is at your service.

DoNotPay created a service that can help you successfully deal with all the issues you have regarding your property taxes, and here is how to use it:

  1. Access DoNotPay
  2. Locate the Property Tax product
  3. Answer several questions about your property

Once you complete these steps, we will generate a personalized guide that you can use whenever you need it.

What Does the Personalized Guide Contain?

Our customized manuals on property taxes usually contain information like:

  • Deadlines for filing property tax appeals
  • Documents you will need for the appeal process
  • Instructions on how to negotiate with your local assessor
  • Property tax exemptions you are eligible for
  • Evidence you need to reduce your property’s assessment value
  • Any other information that your state or county considers crucial

Other Ways To Reduce Property Taxes in Gwinnett County

If you need help paying your property taxes, you should explore some other options before trying to appeal your property tax assessment.

In the following table, you can find several strategies on how to lower property taxes:

Lowering Property Taxes StrategyExplanation

Avoid improvements and renovations

Home improvements increase the value of the property, which is why it’s best to make renovations after the scheduled property tax assessment is over

Accompany the assessor during the assessment

Tax assessors are professionals, but they can make mistakes. You should keep them company during the assessment and point out any flaws and damages they may not see

Check your property tax bill

Finding irregularities in your property tax bill can prevent you from paying the sky-high amount of money. If you find a mistake, you should notify your tax assessor’s office

Apply for a property tax exemption

Property tax exemptions are the best and safest way of lowering your tax bills. You should check your DoNotPay’s personalized manual to see if you’re eligible for one of Gwinnett County’s many property tax exemptions, including:

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