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Filing for divorce is never a pleasant process, but it needn’t be fraught with difficulties.

In Gwinnett County, GA, the superior court provides most of the documents you need to make the process manageable, but you will need time and care to fill them out.

DoNotPay is here to provide a complete rundown of Gwinnett County divorce forms to help your divorce stay fast, cheap, and painless.

What Is the Divorce Process in Gwinnett County?

There are three basic steps to getting a divorce in Gwinnett County, as follows:

  1. Filing divorce papers
  2. Serving the papers on your spouse
  3. Agreeing on a settlement

Filing Divorce Papers

There is no provision in Gwinnett County for a joint petition for divorce, so you need to file the court-approved papers on your own and pay the filing fee of up to $400.

Serving the Papers on Your Spouse

Once you have filed your papers, your spouse must receive a copy and sign to confirm receipt.

You can have the papers delivered by a deputy sheriff or a professional process server for around $50. From the day of servitude, Gwinnett County imposes a mandatory 31-day cooling-off period before any further action is taken.

At this time, your spouse can file a response to the summons received, signaling whether the case will be contested.

Agreeing on a Settlement

Two types of divorce are recognized in Gwinnett County, namely:

Type of DivorceExplanation
UncontestedA divorce is classified uncontested if you and your spouse agree on a settlement and sign a legal document to that effect before embarking on the divorce. The agreement is filed with your divorce papers, and the case is marked as uncontested. In such cases, you may not have to attend court
ContestedDivorce cases are regarded as contested by default, but they can be re-assigned as uncontested divorces if you file a settlement agreement before your case comes to court

What Forms Do You Need To File for a Gwinnett County Divorce?

Filing for divorce in Gwinnett County, Georgia, involves filling out around 40 pages of documents, as follows:

  • Complaint for divorcewith or without minor children
  • Summons—to be served on your spouse
  • Case filing information form—a cover sheet outlining the type of case and the parties’ details
  • Financial affidavits—detailing the assets and liabilities in the marriage
  • Verification form—verifying that the plaintiff filed for divorce in person
  • Acknowledgment of service—to be signed by your spouse upon receipt of the summons
  • Consent to trial—to be signed by both parties acknowledging that the case can be heard 31 days after servitude

These forms are available from the Gwinnett County Superior Court

What Should You Do About a Settlement Agreement?

If you and your spouse are aiming for a friendly divorce with an out-of-court settlement, you can draw up a settlement agreement either before you file or before the 31-day cooling-off period has elapsed.

Your divorce settlement agreement regulates all of the family and financial aspects of your marriage and states how they should be handled after your divorce.

These aspects include:

If the judge is satisfied that your agreement covers every area of your marriage adequately, nothing should stand in the way of your divorce being granted.

Where Can You Get a Settlement Agreement Prepared?

A settlement agreement has to be negotiated, agreed upon, and drafted in the correct legal terminology to render it valid in Gwinnett County. You have a couple of options for negotiating your agreement, namely:

Settlement Agreement Negotiation OptionsExplanation
LawyerYou and your spouse can hire separate lawyers and let them negotiate your settlement on your behalf. While this is the traditional route, it could result in your costs exploding—Georgia lawyers charge an average of $250 per hour, and you will pay for every meeting, email, phone call, and photocopy. Your costs could come to thousands of dollars per spouse in no time
Mediation serviceA registered mediator can help you and your spouse negotiate a settlement at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer, but you will have to be prepared to work together without legal representation. This is your best option if you agreed on most points but need help with minor details

Once your negotiations are complete, you need to have the settlement drawn up as a legal document. For this task, you can use:

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