What You Need to Know About Gulf Correctional Institution

Connect With an Inmate What You Need to Know About Gulf Correctional Institution

Everything You Need To Know About Connecting With An Inmate Of Gulf Correctional Institution

Gulf Correctional Institution is a level V facility situated in Wewahitchka Florida. It holds around 1,570 adult male prisoners. This facility holds minimum, medium, and closed custody inmates.  Also, the facility offers many programs to enhance skills. These programs are set to empower the inmates with basic adult education. Gulf Correctional Institution offers abuse treatment and vocational programs. All such programs are designed to improve the skills of inmates. The visitors are encouraged to call, send mail, and visit the inmates. Thus, helping inmates to overcome the stress of their life.

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General Information Required to Connect With an Inmate Of Gulf Correctional Institution

Know the important information about Gulf Correctional Institution before you connect an inmate.

Physical AddressGulf Correctional Institution

500 Ike Steele Road

Wewahitchka, Florida 32465-0010

Phone Number(850)-639-1000
Fax(850) 639-1182
General EmailGulfCI.WardenOffice@fdc.myflorida.com
Inmate Mailing AddressInmate Last Name, First Name, ID Number

​Gulf Correctional Institution

500 Ike Steele Road

Wewahitchka, Florida 32465-0010

What to Know Before You Visit an Inmate Of Gulf Correctional Institution? 

If you wish to personally visit an inmate, here is all you should know. First of all, the Florida Department of Corrections must approve you for visiting. This can be done by connecting with your inmate via call or mail. And then, you must ask the inmate to mention your name on the visiting person list. Once you're done, you will get a visitor application. Fill out the application with all the necessary information required. After completing the form, send it back to the facility.

Visiting Hours 

Here are the visiting hours in which you can visit an inmate.

  1. Visiting Hours -  8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. This time is given just for two days - Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Registration will start at 7.15 A.M
  3. In order to visit an inmate, you must reach the facility before 1.00 PM

Visiting Procedure 

Gulf Correctional Institution follows a visiting process before allowing any visitors to enter. The officers will start the process by asking many questions from the visitors. And then a number of searches take place to check for violations. Here is the visiting procedure followed at the facility.

  1. The research will start by asking about contraband. It is prohibited to carry cell phones or drugs with you.
  2. Search for the property is carried on.
  3. The person is detected with a metal detector and a Magneto Static Detector.
  4. Pat search
  5. Barrier search by the canine handler

Note - You must not carry any prohibited items with you. If you carry any prohibited item, you will be arrested on the spot.

Things to Bring on Your Visit 

Before you plan to visit, make sure you carry only the listed items. Keep other things at home to ensure that your visit won't be rejected.

  • Money up to $50.00 in a small wallet or pouch.
  • One car key or keyless entry device.
  • A dose of medicine in a prescribed container.
  • A few necessary things for an infant visit.

You can't carry any syringe or needle on your visit. Cell phones, drugs, and weapons are prohibited.

What You Need to Know While Sending Mail or Package? 

Are you looking to send a mail or package to the inmate held at Gulf Correctional Institution? If so, you must follow the criteria of rules. If not, your mail will be directly rejected by the authorities.

  • Letters must contain only 15 pages.
  • Electronic and non-paper parts aren't allowed.
  • Greeting cards can be sent to the inmate.
  • Pictures are allowed except nude photos or polaroids.

Mail should be properly packed with inmate particulars written on it. Don't use bubble or peanut packs as it is not allowed. Even though you can connect inmates on your own, it isn't easy. You have to take care of small details to avoid rejection. If you are looking to save booze on visiting, DoNotPay can help.

How to Connect With An Inmate Of Gulf Correctional Institution Using DoNotPay? 

Follow the steps and get started with DoNotPay's services.

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Why Choose DoNotPay to Connect With an Inmate? 

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