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Get Cash Back The #1 Grocery Cash Back App

The #1 Grocery Cash Back App That'll Save You Hundreds

Everyone needs to eat, which means taking trips to the grocery. While grocery costs are typically a constant in life, the prices themselves don't have to be as high as they might sometimes arise. There are a number of ways to lower your grocery bill, one method being to use an app that offers you cashback on your purchases. Learn more about a grocery cashback app and how it can help you save with DoNotPay.

What Is Cash Back?

Cashback refers to getting a small amount of money credited to you when you make purchases. In many cases, this is a feature of a credit card, with a certain percentage of each transaction being returned to you as redeemable points or a credit on your bill. In other situations, there are apps that can give you the same rewards, including apps that get you to cash back at the grocery store.

How Do Cash Backs Work?

As we mentioned, cash back rewards take a portion of what you spend at the store (in this case, at the grocery store) and turn them into points that you can redeem for money. The exact amount of points you get will vary based on your credit card, app, or other factors, though a common metric is that it translates a small percentage of what you spend (usually around 1% to 5%) into an equal number of points. In some cases, particularly with credit cards, you might even get that percentage as cash credited to your bill.

Additionally, be careful not to confuse a credit card's cashback rewards with its cash advance option. While cash back is basically free money you can redeem for nothing, a cash advance takes money off your credit limit. For a fee, many cards will let you withdraw a sum of money as a loan charged to your credit card. This loan is not your money like a cashback reward and must be paid back, often with higher interest rates than your normal credit card purchases. While a cash advance might be handy if you need to make a big purchase that your card doesn't work on, be careful of the risks that come with it.

How to Use a Grocery Cash Back App

Using a grocery cashback app can get you a lot of rewards and lower your bill, but it's not always super easy to get it to work. If you're having problems getting a grocery app to work properly, you can get DoNotPay to help you out. If you're not scared of a challenge, though, here's an example of how a grocery cashback app might work:

  1. Do your shopping at your grocery store of choice as normal.
  2. Save your receipt.
  3. When you have a moment, open your cashback app and scan your receipt.
  4. When the app completes its scan, you should see your points added to your account.
  5. When your points or cash amount is available for redemption, go ahead and get your reward.

The Best Credit Cards and Apps for Grocery Cash Back

When it comes to getting cash back at the grocery store, you're not exactly starving for options. However, it's worth comparing the options you do have in order to make the most out of your money. To find out which credit cards and grocery cashback apps are best for you, here's a quick breakdown of some of the best cashback credit cards and apps:

Credit Cards

Discover It Cash Back Card
  • Discover It offers a whopping 5% cashback on many everyday purchases, one of them being grocery shopping. For everything else, you get a 1% cashback, making it a useful all-around card.
Citi Double Cash Card
  • Citi's card offers you 2% cashback on your purchases, but with a twist. At the end of your first year, all of your cashback is doubled, meaning you end up with a huge amount of extra cashback just for using your card normally.

Grocery Apps

Fetch Rewards
  • Fetch offers a variety of perks to people who use their app, with a minimum credit of 50 points ($0.05) awarded for every valid receipt, even if it just has one item. Fetch can also scan your inbox to quickly and easily add digital receipts.
Checkout 51
  • Checkout 51 offers various rebates on different brands and products that you buy. Before shopping, you pick out the deals you want, then upload a copy of your receipt to get credited for what you bought. You can also link loyalty cards you use at different groceries to do this instantly.

Also, while they're not credit cards or cash back apps, services like PayPal and Apple Pay (though Apple does have its own card) might also provide cashback in some situations, too. Additionally, Walmart also offers cashback for different reasons.

Get Cash Back at the Grocery With DoNotPay

If a grocery cashback app is turning out to be too much of a pain to use; you can get DoNotPay to help you earn cashback. Just follow these three steps to get started:

  1. Search for Cash Back on the DoNotPay website.


  2. Kick-off the process to find the right app or website for you.


  3. Answer some specific questions so that we can help you start making money!


And that's it. DoNotPay will send you the best cashback options we can find and help you to start earning more cashback on your purchases.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Aside from helping you use a grocery cashback app to get money back on your shopping, DoNotPay can help you with tons of other things. Here are some of our other products you might want to try:

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