Learn How To File Grange Insurance Claims Easily

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Everything You Need To Know About Filing Grange Insurance Claims Fast

Grange Insurance is an insurance company that provides life, home, auto, and business protection. The company is located in Columbus, Ohio, and it provides protection for 13 states.

If you have been in a car accident or want to file an insurance claim for any other reason, we can help you avoid the unnecessary administrative process. DoNotPay can take you through a smooth five-step procedure of writing and sending insurance claim letters.

With DoNotPay, Filing Claims Will Never Be Difficult Again

Having an insurance policy is supposed to protect you from any unfortunate occurrence, but the reality is a bit different. Insurance companies tend to make filing insurance claims so complicated that it deters many people from the idea.

DoNotPay decided to step in and make filing insurance claims as easy as possible. We created a special feature that you can use to complete the process within five minutes. Our chatbot will ask you a few questions to make sure that you don’t forget to include any vital information.

If you miss something in creating a claim letter, the company might refuse your claim. This is why DoNotPay is the best option for filing claims—you will not miss anything.

After you open our platform in any , we will help you file a claim for three types of insurance:

If your property is damaged due to natural causes such as a hurricane, hail storm, or flood, you can file a claim using DoNotPay. We also enable our clients to file unemployment insurance claims via our platform.

How To File a Grange Insurance Claim Using DoNotPay

A simple guide of only four simple steps will take you through this process smoothly. To file a Grange insurance claim via DoNotPay, open our app in your and:

  1. Type in the keyword into DoNotPay’s search field—Grange Insurance Claim
  2. Provide your general information like a full name, policy number, etc
  3. Tell our chatbot the reason for filing the claim and details about the incident
  4. Submit the claim

After completing these steps, DoNotPay will send your request to Grange, and the company will reach out to you directly regarding your claim.

How To File Grange Insurance Claim on Your Own

You can file your Grange insurance claim in two ways:

  • Via online account
  • Over the phone

How To File a Grange Insurance Claim via Your Online Account

Visit the MyGrange Account Login page and follow the instructions below to file your insurance claim:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select the type of insurance claim you want to file
  3. Provide your personal information and policy number
  4. Submit your claim
  5. Wait for the company to contact you

Steps to Filing Insurance Claim With Grange Over the Phone

To file your Grange insurance claim over the phone, follow these steps:

  1. Call the Loss Reporting Center at 800-445-3030
  2. Tell the claims representative that you want to file an insurance claim
  3. Give them your contact details and policy number
  4. Explain the incident and why you’re filing a claim
  5. Follow their further instructions

What Happens After You File Your Insurance Claim

The process that will ensue after you file your insurance claim will depend on the type of your claim. Find the details in the table below:

The Type of Insurance ClaimHow Will the Process Go


  • You’ll need to obtain a death certificate
  • The beneficiary will fill out Grange’s official Life claim form
  • The company will determine whether the beneficiary of the policy is a minor and mentally competent
  • A legal guardian will need to sign the Life claim form for a minor or mentally incompetent person


  • The company will call you to gather details about the loss and accident
  • They will instruct you to choose a repair shop if your car can be repaired
  • Grange will collect all available information to determine the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your car if it’s totaled
  • A claim representative will send generated claim forms to you
  • Grange will call to propose a settlement after determining ACV


  • Grange will contact you within eight hours after you file your claim
  • The company will go over the details of your policy
  • They will ask about the damage
  • You will be assigned an adjuster
  • The adjuster will inspect the damage and give an assessment of how much the company should pay you


  • The company will contact you as soon as you file the claim
  • A claim representative will explain your rights according to your policy
  • They will schedule an appointment during which an adjuster will assess the damage
  • The adjuster will give an approximation of the payment

DoNotPay Can Help You Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim

The number of rejected claims is quite high, which is probably why people avoid filing them. Don’t be discouraged by a denied claim because DoNotPay can help you appeal against any company’s decision.

We will help you create an insurance appeal letter that will enhance your chances of claiming the money you’re owed.

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