GoodRx Gold Reviews: Is It Worth The Money?

Find Prescription Discounts GoodRx Gold Reviews: Is It Worth The Money?

GoodRx Gold Reviews: Is the Prescription Card Worth It?

Almost 50% of adults in the U.S. use prescription drugs. Studies show that Americans spend a minimum of several hundred dollars monthly on prescribed medication. The cost of medication need not be unreasonable. If you’re looking to save money on your medication, GoodRx is a great option.

With GoodRx, you can track prescription drug prices, find the best deals, and get free discount coupons. There are two products from GoodRx that you can choose from: the regular GoodRx discount savings card and the GoodRx Gold membership card. You have to pay a membership fee to use the GoodRx Gold card, but it comes with better benefits: better prices, increased savings, and more convenience.

Read on to learn more about the GoodRx Gold membership card.

What Is GoodRx?

GoodRx is an American telemedicine platform that offers prescription-discount services by tracking pharmacies and healthcare providers. It is a coupon and deal finder with an online website and a mobile application where customers can access various services, such as:

  1. Finding prices, discounts, and coupons from pharmacies for prescriptions & medication.
  2. Finding insurance discounts for prescriptions & medication.
  3. Making online prescriptions & medication purchases through GoodRx Care.
  4. Finding prices, coupons, and discounts from pharmacies with pet medication.
  5. Tracking pharmacy with specific prescriptions & medication.
  6. Contacting healthcare service providers.
  7. Access to comparative prices of prescriptions, medication & drugs at different pharmacies.
  8. Access the latest health news and health guides on various medical conditions, including Covid-19 and seasonal flu.
  9. Guidelines to healthcare saving.

The following are some advantages to using GoodRX:

  • You save up to 80% on your prescriptions.
  • You can access hundreds of generics for as little as $4.
  • The mobile app is easy to use.
  • Viewing the mail order pricing is straightforward.
  • You don’t have to pay the cash price for your prescription. Use free GoodRx coupons that are accepted at virtually every pharmacy in the US. You need to remember, though, that savings will vary between pharmacies.

Keep in mind that the GoodRx discount card is not a replacement for insurance. Moreover, it is not available overseas.

If you want the best deals (sometimes, you can even get prescription medicines for free!), you can try the paid monthly subscription, GoodRx Gold.

Is GoodRx Free?

Users can access GoodRx services through the online website or the mobile app for free. Clients register to GoodRx before upgrading to a gold membership. The sign-up process is as follows:

  1. Go to the GoodRx website.
  2. On the top right of the header section, click on sign up.
  3. Fill in the details.
  4. Resend the verification sent to your email.
  5. Search for drug names on the website.
  6. Apart from signing up, you must apply for a prescription discount card.
  7. Fill in the required details where your discount card will be emailed to your residence.

What Is GoodRx Gold?

Is GoodRx Gold worth it? Yes, considering the better deals you can get using the card, it is quite affordable.

Upgrading to a gold membership gives you access to certain services and benefits, but it comes with a monthly subscription fee. Here’s an example of the benefit of a paid subscription is a discount fee: It costs $45 for access to a licensed healthcare provider using the GoodRx basic card, but it only costs $19 using a GoodRx Gold card.

There are two GoodRx Gold Plans: Individual and Family.

PlanMonthly Subscription FeeFeatures
Individual Plan$ 9.99
  • Access to a licensed health provider
  • 90% off of prescriptions
  • Free home delivery
  • Help users save over $ 2,800 per year
  • Free cancellation, one day before monthly renewals to prevent charges
Family Plan$19.99
  • Access to a licensed health provider
  • 90% off of prescriptions
  • Free home delivery
  • For the subscriber and five additional members, including family, friends, and pets
  • Helps users save over $ 4,000 per year
  • Free cancellation, one day before monthly renewals to prevent charges

Why Get a GoodRx Gold Card?

According to GoodRx, you can get the best deals on prescription drugs and healthcare services with the Gold membership. You can get dramatic discounts for yourself or your family members as the GoodRx Gold can help you access prescription medications for prices that are even lower than your insurance co-pay.

  1. You get exclusive access to low drug prices.
  2. The family plan can include up to 5 family members (even pets!) for greater savings.
  3. You can fill a prescription at thousands of pharmacies in the US and get discounts just by showing your card.
  4. There are over 1,000 prescriptions that you can get for less than $10 with the Gold Card.

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