Secure Your GMAC Financial Lien Release Quickly

Secure Your GMAC Financial Lien Release Quickly

GMAC Inc. takes care of financing General Motors vehicles for public customers and provides insurance, among other productsThese loans make purchasing new cars and even late-model pre-owned vehicles convenient.

GMAC financing employs traditional financing where you are given the ownership of the vehicle during the payment period. The car serves as collateral, meaning that when you fail to pay within the postulated time, the bank will seize it and auction it.

You can  from your vehicle by clearing the remaining balance and filling out a lien removal form. It might seem simple, but GMAC might make it complicated by their reluctance to sign your form. DoNotPay is aware of the intimidating nature of the lien removal process, and hence it is ready to help you with a click of a button.

How Does GMAC Lien Work? 

When GMAC attaches a lien to your vehicle, it gives them certain rights over your car until you pay in full. After full payment, GMAC should remove the lien filed against the property.  form with the public land records to prove that the lien has been removed.

Depending on the contract you signed with GMAC, you might have a:

  1. Partial lien release
  2. Full lien release

A full lien release is when you agree to have the lien removed after you have cleared all the remaining debt amount.

On the other hand, partial release of lien means that GMAC will partially remove the lien every time you make installments. In the case of a partial lien release, the GMAC lien will remain attached to your car but for a reduced amount.

Additionally, a lien release can be

  1. Conditional
  2. Unconditional.

You might  from your car before finishing your full payment. Similarly, GMAC might refuse to release it until you make your full payment; a conditional release is the best way to solve such a situation. A conditional lien release will state that a lien is contingent on the payment clearing, implying that the lien will be removed, but if you fail to pay as you agreed, the lien will be reinstated.

On the contrary, an unconditional release will remove the lien from your car, with no possibility of being reinstated. It is important to note that lien release will vary depending on the state law where you obtained the loan.

What Happens When There Is a GMAC Lien Attached to Your Property

A lien will result from a contract between you and GMAC creditor after securing a loan from them. It is not a must for GMAC to file a lien against your property unless you show signs of defaulting the loan.

In this case, GMAC will go to court and present evidence of your unpaid debt. The court makes a judgment and grants the company the go-ahead to file a lien on your property. 

You might have paid a certain amount of the GMAC loan before you cease to pay. The lien filed at this level will specify the remaining amount you owe GMAC as well as their rights to be paid in case you plan to sell the car.

How Do You Find Your Property Has GMAC Lien Attached to It?

In some instances, you might clear your outstanding GMAC loan, but unfortunately, they forget to remove the lien from your product. You are not supposed to assume that a lien has been removed from your property unless you receive a signed release form from the creditor.

You can contact GMAC through

Contact Support
Text SupportText* INFO to 53721
Phone Number1-800-284-2271

Alternatively, you can perform a simple title search on your state public records. Federal and state governments ensure that all property records are available for everyone either online or in clerk offices.

How Can You Remove GMAC Lien From Your Property on Your Own?

You can get rid of the lien using the following ways

  1. Satisfy your debt. It is a straightforward option that requires you to settle the remaining debt amount and file a release of lien form with GMAC Inc. The form will prove that you have paid the debt, and thus, GMAC will have no option other than to remove the lien.
  2. Court order. You might pay your loan in full, and the company drags to remove it from your property. You should file a dispute against the firm and have it removed in such a case.

The follow-up procedure to remove a lien from your property is the most challenging part since you have to fill it out and send it to the creditor for signing. Luckily, you can avoid the hassle by involving DoNotPay, which will enable you to move past your lien and secure your property.

How Can You Remove GMAC Lien From Your Property Using DoNotPay?

DoNotPay takes three steps:

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  3. Answer some questions about your specific lien and let us help you craft a letter to your creditor to resolve the issue.


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