Remove Glasser and Glasser from Your Credit Report in a Flash

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How to Remove Glasser and Glasser From Your Credit Report

What's more intimidating than getting a phone call from a collection agency? How about when that collection agency is also a law firm, like ? Dealing with collection agents is hard enough to do when you have a lawyer on your side, but what if you can't afford one? Can you advocate for yourself without spending thousands of dollars to fix your credit?

You can, if you have a virtual lawyer like DoNotPay stand up to Glasser and Glasser. Let's go over your options for interacting with this powerful collection agency on your own, and then we'll show you how easy it is to use our credit cleanup app to your advantage.

Who Is Glasser and Glasser, PLC?

Glasser and Glasser, PLC Collections DepartmentDetails
Phone Number888-533-0660
Business Hours
  • Mon-Thu 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST
  • Fri 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST
WebsiteCollections - Glasser and Glasser PLC
Payment PortalPaymentVision Portal
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 3400

Norfolk, VA 23514

Physical AddressCrown Center

580 East Main Street, Suite 600

Norfolk, VA 23510

Years In Business90+

Founded in 1932, the Glasser and Glasser law firm has earned an excellent reputation among its peers. Yet while its collection division doesn't have nearly as many complaints as most collection agencies, it only has a C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Glasser and Glasser can be aggressive in pursuing payment for their clients, and as a legal firm, they've got the resources to take debtors to court and have wages garnished as a result. And they do. That's why you should take great care when dealing with this collection firm, and take their attempts to collect seriously.

What to Do When Glasser and Glasser Call

When you answer a phone call from a collection agency, you're likely unprepared to protect your rights. That's intentional because collection agencies are great at manipulating the outcomes of collection calls. Here's how to tip the balance in your favor:

  1. Be polite but brief. You are not obligated to explain your situation, and you shouldn't.
  2. Do not fall into the trap of acknowledging that you owe Glasser and Glasser's clients money.
  3. Do NOT verbally agree to make any payments.
  4. Inform them that they are no longer allowed to contact you by phone and that they should send you further communication in writing at your preferred address.

The only information you should give them is your mailing address, and by law, you don't even have to do that although it's in your best interest to have Glasser and Glasser send you information about your alleged debt. We'll get to that in a minute, but first, here's an excellent script to follow when you get a collection call from Glasser and Glasser: "Please do not contact me by phone. You can send me the information associated with this case by mail, and I'll review it and get back to you." Confirm that they have your correct mailing address, and then disconnect the call. Next, write down the date, time, and agent you spoke with, as it's important to keep records of all your interactions with collection agencies.

What to Do When Glasser and Glasser Send You Mail

If you get a collection letter or a bill from Glasser and Glasser, do not automatically pay it. Be sure to check the information on the bill or letter, as you might not be responsible for the debt. Here's what all collection agencies are required to tell you:

  1. The total amount you owe
  2. The name of the client they represent
  3. How to get the name of the original creditor
  4. How to dispute the collection claim if you are not responsible for the debt

The next part is up to you. Go over the paperwork using your records as a reference so you can find out:

  • Whether you legitimately owe the debt
  • If there's an error in the amount owed
  • If the debt is very close to passing the statute of limitations

Even if you decide you are responsible for the debt, it's not a bad idea to draft a dispute letter requesting that Glasser and Glasser send you a debt validation letter.

What Is a Debt Validation Letter?

When you request that a collection agency send you a debt validation letter, that agency is required to provide proof that you are indeed the person responsible for the debt and that the debt is valid. This prohibits the collection agency from exploiting gray areas in the law that put you at a clear disadvantage. The brief amount of time it will take for Glasser and Glasser to put together and send your validation letter can also help you decide what to do next.

Don’t Just Assume Your Debt Has Expired Because It’s Old

There is a lot of misinformation out there leading debtors to believe they don't have to pay back a debt if it's reached a certain age. It's important to need to understand the statute of limitation laws in your state, and whether your debt is eligible to "age out". Note that if you take steps to pay back a debt that may be close to expiring, it can reset the clock. The sooner you're informed, the less likely you'll be to panic and make unnecessary payments.

Let DoNotPay Respond to Glasser and Glasser For You

You don't want to go up against a law firm like Glasser and Glasser by yourself, but you don't have to get an expensive lawyer, either. Not if you use DoNotPay to help you take control of communications and negotiations with their collection department. We'll make sure your rights are protected and help you clean up your credit score in just a few easy steps:

  1. Search Clean Credit Report on DoNotPay.

  2. Prepare a recent copy of your credit report that you can use as reference.

  3. Let us guide you through the 4 potential options:
  • If you've already paid off your debt, we'll help you file a Goodwill Removal Request to get it removed.

  • If you notice any errors in your report (we have a list of common errors you can use!), we'll help you file a credit dispute to the creditor or major credit bureaus.

  • If there are no errors, we'll check if you're still eligible to file a debt validation request. If they can't validate your debt, they're required to remove it from your report and they can't collect it!

  • Lastly, if none of the above options work, we'll help you file a pay-to-delete negotiation letter. You can customize the amount you are willing to pay in exchange for getting the item removed.

Yes, It's that easy! And it only takes a few minutes far less time than it would take if you were to do it yourself.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do to Help Me Improve My Credit Score?

While you're focused on protecting your rights against collection attempts, you might take the time to review your credit score and let DoNotPay help you with the following:

DoNotPay Isn't Just Your Virtual Lawyer

We can advocate for you with hundreds of consumer and citizen issues, including these:

Don't let calls and letters from Glasser and Glasser put you on edge. The sooner you address their collection attempts using DoNotPay, the sooner you'll put the stress behind you.

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