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How To Use a GIF Converter to Convert Videos and Images to GIFs

The Graphic Interchange Format, widely known as a GIF, is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

In its essence, it’s a blend of image and video that can spruce up your content and make for awesome meme material.

The question is, how do you convert an image or a video into a GIF? In this article, we’ll explore various ways to convert different file types to GIFs and explain the pros and cons of various GIF converters.

What Files Can You Convert To GIFs?

GIFs can be made from both images and videos, although the process is slightly different.

For images, you can convert between the following file formats:

  • JPG (JPEG)
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • TIFF

As far as videos go, you can convert the following formats into GIFs:

  • mp4
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MPG

There are plenty of tools that can help you create GIFs, and they all use similar processes. As far as images go, you basically need to upload a series of photos, and a GIF converter will put them together into a single GIF file.

At its core, a GIF created out of a series of images is just a slideshow, but various tools allow you to bring the images to life by setting the speed at which they change and combining them all into one lossless file.

Advanced tools let you treat each photo as a separate timeline, so you can choose how much time every image will have on the screen before it’s replaced by the next one. This process can yield incredible gifs, but it’s quite time-consuming and requires a good degree of technical skill.

Alternatively, you can upload the desired photos into a GIF converter and have it put them together into a GIF automatically.

When it comes to videos, the process is a lot simpler. You just need to cut the video to only include the scene you want to convert into a GIF, and a GIF converter will do the rest.

You’ll end up with what is essentially a looping video but in a .gif format. Depending on the complexity of the tool, you might be able to adjust the speed and the length of the GIF.

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How To Convert Images and Videos to GIFs

Due to the popularity of GIFs, many websites offer free online GIF conversion tools that are relatively simple to use.

All you need to do is upload the images or video you want to convert and choose the desired output format. You can also choose from dozens of available effects, filters, and other ways to liven up your GIFs.

It’s important to note, though, that not all GIF converters are created equal. For example, some tools let you set the speed of the slideshow independently for every image, while others won’t give you that option at all.

However, advanced tools are great for making beautiful GIFs and creating content with little effort.

While some of them output great quality videos and are a delight to use, others are buggy and imperfect. The first thing you should check is whether or not the converter allows you to select a video file type for conversion—if no such option exists, your only choice will be to use a PhotoShop plugin and then export the result as an image file.

Can You Convert GIFs to Other File Types

GIF files can be converted to other video and image formats by using various combinations of software.

To convert a GIF into an mp4 video, for example, you simply need to use a free online converter that supports the mp4 format. One thing to remember is that the video quality will depend on the quality of the GIF itself.

To convert a GIF into an image file, you’ll need to employ similar online tools or downloadable software. These tools will convert a GIF to a lossless format that retains all the details of the original.

In essence, the converter will strip the gif into a series of images—one for each frame in the GIF. You’ll then be able to download a ZIP file containing all the images that comprise the GIF.

The Major Drawbacks of Online GIF Converters

The downside to using most GIF converter tools is that you have to set margins and pixels yourself, which means that you’ll have to do a lot of tweaking before you get the desired result.

Additionally, if you want the GIF to loop from start to finish without displaying any intermediate frames, make sure that your last frame has something in it. Otherwise, the result will just be a single frame with no activity at all.

That said, there are also GIF converters who do all the heavy lifting for you. The trouble is, the produced GIFs often vary in quality and don’t turn out exactly as you would hope.

Apart from the technical difficulties you might encounter when using online GIF converters, there’s also the issue of privacy and security.

Most of these “free” online tools will cost you big-time if you’re not careful. Some of the tools let you convert a few files for free, then try to upsell you, while others might store your data and sell it to third parties.

Additionally, the websites these tools are hosted on are often sketchy, so you’re at risk of downloading malware and viruses with your converted files.

This can spell disaster because cyber criminals might get access to sensitive information, such as your passwords and bank account details, once your PC, laptop, or phone gets infected.

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Which Other Files Can DoNotPay Convert?

Gifs, images, audio, video, archive—you name it, DoNotPay can convert it! With DoNotPay, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to open a specific file on your device or not being able to upload a file format to a website.

Whether it’s out of necessity or for convenience sake, you can use DoNotPay to convert files with a single click!

Here’s a table of other image-specific files our award-winning app can help you convert with ease.

Image-Specific File Types You Can Convert With DoNotPay
JPG to Other File Types
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How To Convert JPG to Word How To Convert JPG to PNG
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How To Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 How To Convert JPG to JPEG
Other File Types to JPG
How To Convert HEIC to JPG How To Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac
How To Convert PNG to JPG How To Convert PNG to JPG on Mac
How To Convert Webp to JPG How To Convert Image to JPG
How to Convert CR2 to JPG How to Convert TIFF to JPG
How to Convert NEF to JPG How to Convert JFIF to JPG
How to Convert GIF to JPG How to Convert PSD to JPG
How to Convert EPS to JPG How to Convert BMP to JPG
Other File Types to PDF
How to Convert PNG to PDF How to Convert TIFF to PDF
How to Convert XPS to PDF How to Convert a Picture to PDF
How to Convert BMP to PDF How to Convert HEIC to PDF
Other File Types to PNG
How to Convert Webp to PNG How to Convert GIF to PNG
How to Convert EPS to PNG How to Convert HEIC to PNG
How to Convert DDS to PNG How to Convert PSD to PNG
How to Convert TIFF to PNG
Other Files You Can Convert With DoNotPay
How to Convert PNG to ICO How to Convert PNG to Vector
How To Convert Webp to GIF How to Convert RAW to JPEG
How to Convert Image to 3D Online Free How to Convert Image to Embroidery File Free
How to Convert a Raster Image to a Vector Image How to Convert PSD to Vector
How to Convert EPS to SVG How to Convert Image to Base64
How to Convert Studio to SVG How to Convert Inkscape to Vector

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