Find Out Whether You Need a Germany Tourist Visa for Your Trip in This Guide

Tourist Visa Guide Find Out Whether You Need a Germany Tourist Visa for Your Trip in This Guide

Germany Tourist Visa—Do You Need It?

What if you are preparing for your trip to Germany but are not sure what documents you need or what rules you must adhere to? Do you have to request a Germany tourist visa, and how can you do it? Did the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic make visits to this country more complicated?

Getting the right info doesn’t have to be a painful procedure if you skim through our guide. We will assist you in discovering all about entering Germany without difficulties and requesting all types of tourist visas using DoNotPay!

Do U.S. Travelers Need a Tourist Visa for Germany?

Germany is a part of the Schengen area, which adopted a visa-free policy for several countries, including the United States. It means that U.S. citizens and passport holders can explore Germany or any other country from this area without a visa for up to 90 days within six months.

If you want to extend your stay period, getting a regular Schengen tourist visa isn’t an option. In such cases, you must apply for a German residency permit.

Are There Any U.S. Traveler Categories That Must Apply for a German Visa?

Yes—some tourists coming from the USA may not be eligible for a visa-free trip to Germany. These can be:

  • U.S. green card holders whose residence permit is shorter than three months at the moment of travel
  • U.S. passport holders that were denied entry without a visa for any reason—it’s a decision made by the immigration officers at the customs

These travelers must submit a Schengen visa application to enter Germany for tourist or any other purposes.

What Criteria You Must Meet To Enter Germany as a U.S. Tourist

If you don’t belong to the category of travelers that must get a Schengen visa, all you need for visiting Germany as a tourist is:

  1. U.S. passport that will remain valid for three months or more after your intended stay period and two blank visa pages in it
  2. A justifiable reason for traveling to Germany—family visit or recreational purposes, for example
  3. Evidence of sufficient financial assets showing that you have enough money to cover all the costs of your stay in the country

Should you decide to visit another Schengen area country during your three-month stay period, study the entry requirements for that destination. They can usually be found on local embassy or consulate websites and are subject to regular changes. Make sure you get the latest updates before you set off on a journey.

How Do U.S. Travelers Who Need a Tourist Visa for Germany Apply for It?

Tourists who need a Schengen visa to visit Germany must go through a regular application procedure. The table below shows its basic elements:

German tourist visa requirements
  1. Valid passport or travel document
  2. Valid U.S. green card or residence visa if applicable
  3. Two passport-like photos taken within the last 90 days
  4. Completed Schengen visa application form
  5. Proof of:
    • Flight reservation—a copy of your plane ticket
    • Booked accommodation—hotel booking confirmation email, for example
    • Sufficient financial means—a bank statement or a letter of sponsorship
    • Schengen Travel Insurance
    • Civil status—a marriage certificate, spouse’s death certificate, or divorce decree
  6. Cover letter explaining the purpose of travel and preferred activities during your stay
Additional paperwork
  • Letter of invitation—for family or friend visits
  • Income Tax Return (IRS), employment contract, and bank statement from the previous six months—for employed applicants
  • Form I-2 and a letter from the educational institution—for students
  • Pension statement from the past six months—for retired applicants
  • Child travel consent form and parent’s passport—for underage children
Germany tourist visa fee
  • $96.00 for adults
  • $48 for children between six and 12 years of age
  • Free for:
    • Children under the age of six
    • Students and teaches
    • Researchers
    • EU/EEA nationals family members
    • Diplomatic, service, or official passport holders
You can submit your application form for a tourist visa to Germany at
Germany tourist visa processing timeAround ten days

What Are the COVID-19 Restrictions for U.S. Tourists Visiting Germany?

Here’s a table showing the presence or absence of specific COVID-19 restrictions in Germany:

Negative COVID-19 testYes (PCR or antigen test)
Vaccination certificate acceptableYes
Health screeningYes
QuarantineNo (unless you come from high-risk areas)
Active curfewsNo
Active intercity/interstate travel restrictionsNo
Regular commercial flightsYes
Regular public transport operationYes

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