A Foolproof Way To Draft a Georgia Advance Directive

The Nitty-Gritty of a Georgia Advance Directive

Are you concerned about your health and want to put some pressure off of your friends and family? Decide about your own treatment (or lack thereof) with an advance health care directive.

Make your wishes known—learn about the specifics of a Georgia advance directive and discover the easiest way to create one from the comfort of your home—!

What Is a Georgia Health Care Directive?

With a health care directive, you can make decisions regarding the medical treatment you want (or don’t want) to receive once your assigned physician estimates you’re nearing the end of your life.

Before 2007, this legal document was also known as:

In 2007, the best features of the living will form and the medical power of attorney form were combined to make it easier for the declarant to decide about their end-of-life medical care.

The use of a health care directive remains the same as that of its predecessors, and that is to regulate:

  1. End-of-life health care the declarant wishes or does not wish to receive
  2. After-death procedures, such as an autopsy or organ donation
  3. Final disposition of the declarant’s body

The document never was, and still isn’t valid in cases, such as:

  • Suicide of the declarant/assisted suicide
  • Homicide
  • Euthanasia

The Four Parts of a Complete Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care

Every advance directive form in Georgia must contain the following four parts:

Part AThis part requires you to provide information about your designated health care agent and two alternate agents
Part BIn this part, you can declare your wishes regarding medical treatment in case of inevitable death
Part CThis section regulates the designation of a guardian, if necessary
Part DThe final segment of an advance directive contains signatures of the declarant and two witnesses

Who Should Receive a Copy of Your Georgia Health Care Directive?

Your health directive won’t serve its purpose if it doesn’t reach your:

  • Health care agents
  • Family members and closest friends
  • Health care provider and their employees

Always keep extra photocopies of your health directive with you and leave one in your medical record. Medical practitioners in the State of Georgia abide by and accept other health care forms (even those from other states), which is why you should keep at least one photocopy of your health directive with you at all times.

The Benefits of Having an Advance Directive in Georgia

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider completing an advance directive form in Georgia:

  • You decide about the life-sustaining and after-death procedures performed on your body
  • You can inform your designated agent about your wishes so they can carry them out if you’re unable to speak for yourself
  • Your family and friends can prepare for the worst-case scenario

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If you need more information about advance health care directives, check out our extensive knowledge base to find out:

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