The Easy Way to Request for Genesis Medical Records

Request Medical Records The Easy Way to Request for Genesis Medical Records

How to Request for Genesis Medical Records Easily

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  stipulates that everyone has the right to access their personal health records. Regardless of whether you want to switch doctors or need to make plans with loved ones in case of an emergency, it's advisable to consider taking advantage of your right to request your medical records. If you're looking for a stress-free way to access your Genesis medical records, DoNotPay can help.

HIPAA and Your Right to Access Health Information

Organizations that offer you easy access to your health information give you more control of decisions regarding your well-being and health. With the ever-increasing use and continued innovations in health information technology, you now have opportunities to access your health information online easily and quickly.

Under 45 CFR section 164.525, entities covered by HIPAA must offer individuals access to their protected health information upon request. This includes the right to obtain or inspect the copy or both and direct the entity to transfer the document to a designated person of the individual's choice.

You and your designees aren't the only people who can obtain copies of your Genesis medical records. Other third-party HIPAA-covered entities, including your primary health care professional, can also access your health information, given you'd granted them the right to when signing your patient intake form.

How to Get Electronic Copies of Your Medical Records

We live in a busy world. It, therefore, makes more sense to have access to your health information anywhere and at any time. To get your hands on electronic copies of Genesis medical records, you should request through the hospital's online portal or do so in writing.

When submitting your request for personal health information in writing, make sure to include the following items:

  • Your name
  • Social security number
  • ID number or Genesis member number
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Signature
  • Records requested
  • Delivery method(mail, print, fax)

Why Might You Need a Copy of Your Medical Records?

You're compiling your family's medical historyThis enables you to understand your genetics' impact on your health. It also gives your doctor a better understanding to diagnose you quickly.
You're moving to a new stateIf you got a job in another state, you'd need your medical records when moving so that your new physician is up to date on your medical roster.
You're changing doctorsChanging doctors isn't always an ideal situation and can even be awkward, to say the least. Still, if you're changing doctors, your new physician may need your Genesis medical records.
You're seeing a new specialistIf your doctor referred you to a new specialist, your medical records would give them a full review of your medical past.

How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Medical Records?

HIPAA prevents providers from charging you for the labor of retrieving your Genesis medical records. The entity can also deny you copies of your records if you haven't paid for the services. However, they can charge you a reasonable fee for the documents.

Every state has statutes concerning how long a healthcare provider can retain medical records. The statute also stipulates what they can charge for creating copies of the records in question.

The cost for medical records typically ranges from $0.25 to an upward of $2 per page. For instance, you will be charged $1 per page for the first 25 pages in Louisiana. For pages 26 to 350, you'll have to part with $0.50 per page, and for pages above 351, the facility will charge you $0.25.

What Type of Medical Records are Restricted From Being Released?

If any information results in a patient's harm, Genesis may deny your request. Examples of Genesis medical records restricted from being released include:

  • Information found in a lawsuit
  • Records that include information about other parties that may get harmed by the release
  • Psychotherapy notes that contain impressions of the patients rather than diagnosis
  • Mental illness records
  • STD information
  • HIV/AIDS treatment or testing
  • Sexual assault information
  • Drug and alcohol abuse treatment

How to Request Medical Records From Genesis

To request your Genesis medical records, you need to:

  1. Visit the hospital or contact the medical record department
  2. Fill out the hospital's medical request form online or in-person
  3. Select the records you want
  4. Submit your request and wait

Genesis promises to get back to you with a response within two business days. For further inquiries, contact Genesis Health Information Management at 563-421-7260 during business hours.

Get Genesis Medical Records With the Help of DoNotPay

Getting your Genesis medical records is your right. However, things can get awkward, especially if you want to change doctors or have had an issue with your doctor in the past. If you don't want to face them and want the process to be seamless, DoNotPay is here to help.

You can now request medical records using DoNotPay in three simple steps:

  1. Search for 'Medical Records' on our site.


  2. Enter the name of your healthcare provider


  3. Answer some questions about the provider and where you'd like to send your records


And you're done. DoNotPay will handle the rest for you.

DoNotPay Works Across All Companies

Our services aren't only restricted to helping you request and retrieve Genesis medical records. DoNotPay can help you resolve the issue with several other entities, including:

  1. Kaiser
  2. Baptist
  3. Cleveland Clinic
  4. Mercy

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