Understanding the General Partnership Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents Understanding the General Partnership Agreement

A Breakdown of the General Partnership Agreement

Entering into a business is both a joyful and stressful endeavor. Writing a contract for your general partnership is one of the crucial tasks you need to do before anything else. This is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with what the general partnership agreement is, what it should include, and what happens in case of breach of contract. We’ll guide you through it and provide many tips!

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What Is a General Partnership?

Two or more individuals can found a general partnership. They agree to share all:

  • Assets
  • Profits
  • Legal liabilities
  • Financial liabilities

General partners are active members of the business, participating in management and decision-making aspects of the business, as opposed to limited partners, who are passive investors. Compared to corporations, general partnerships are more flexible and less expensive. They also don’t require a lot of red tape.

If you’re forming a general partnership, you are agreeing to unlimited liability, which means you and your partners can be sued for your business’s debts and your assets are liable for seizure.

To make your general partnership official, map out your business, and prepare for any surprises in the future, you should create a written general partnership agreement.

A General Partnership Agreement Explained

A general partnership agreement is a written agreement between all business partners. As a partnership is a joint effort to create a business, your general partnership agreement should mirror that as well. All partners’ roles, wishes, and interests should be included in the agreement.

Creating and agreeing on all the terms of the agreement is a stepping stone toward making your business a success.

What To Include in a General Partnership Agreement

When drafting your general partnership agreement, you should first take note of the essential info your document should have, such as:

  1. Partnership info—name, address, effective date, and business purpose
  2. Partner info—number of partners and their full names
  3. Initial capital—the amount of money partners are investing in the business
  4. Ownership—partners’ ownership percentage
  5. Profits and losses—methods of dividing profits and losses of the partnership
  6. Management roles—partners’ roles and decision-making methods

Aside from the key details the agreement should have, here’s a detailed overview of what you need to include in your general partnership agreement:

What To IncludeExplanation

Term of the partnership

It can be perpetual or have a specific term length

Governing law

  • The jurisdiction should be set for potential disputes
  • The governing law is typically the state law

Partnership formation and property

  • Time and ways new partners can join
  • Distribution of profits and losses
  • Methods of partner withdrawals


  • Terms of leaving the partnership
  • Partnership continuation or termination conditions

A general partnership agreement may also include clauses that are sometimes standalone agreements, such as:

Why Should I Enter Into a General Partnership Agreement?

Having a written general partnership agreement means having some sort of security. It’s a blueprint of what you initially wanted your partnership to be like. You should review it with your partners to keep it up to date.

This agreement is a safety net for any potential issues that may arise. You and your partners will have a plan for managing various situations.

What if Someone Breaks the General Partnership Agreement?

To minimize your losses in the future, you should include a clause that outlines the options you have in case of a breach of contract. One of the options can be arbitration—dispute resolution without going to court.

If the agreement does not specify the remedies for breach of contract, you may opt for one of the following:

  • Negotiating a settlement
  • Filing a lawsuit against the partner who breached the contract 
  • Seeking liquidated damages
  • Expelling the partner from your partnership

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