What Are Gene Therapy Clinical Trials and How To Enroll

Clinical Trials What Are Gene Therapy Clinical Trials and How To Enroll

The Fastest Way To Find and Apply for Gene Therapy Clinical Trials

The idea of gene therapy has been around for over four decades, but it’s still controversial among scientists and patients. Clinical trials dedicated to gene therapy need to follow the Food and Drug Administration’s strict rules to be as safe as possible for the volunteers. 

How To Find Gene Therapy Clinical Trials in a Few Clicks

Whether you want to participate in clinical trials or medical surveys, DoNotPay will help you find and apply for any type of clinical studies within minutes. Once you open your account from a web browser, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Clinical Trials and Get Started 
  2. Choose your preferences regarding location, condition, compensation, etc.
  3. Select the study you’d like to enroll in
  4. Click on the Contact Now button

We will contact the researchers via email immediately and send the application on your behalf. 

You can apply for multiple clinical trials near you—there’s no limit to how many researchers you can contact.

If you choose to enroll in paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers or if you get compensation for any other type of clinical trial, you’ll keep all of your money because DoNotPay doesn’t charge fees.

What Is Gene Therapy?

Gene therapy is dedicated to using healthy genes to treat a certain illness. This type of clinical trial is still in the early phases of research, even though scientists have been experimenting with gene therapy since the late ‘70. 

Two main approaches to gene therapy are:

  • Replacing a bad gene with its healthy copy
  • Destroying a mutated gene

The researchers mostly study if a mutated gene can be replaced with a copy of a healthy gene and if a disease can be cured in that way. For now, this approach is only allowed when treating conditions that don’t have a cure.

The key aspect of the clinical trial definition is finding a drug option that’s better than the ones already in use. With some conditions, regular drugs aren’t of big help.

Gene therapy should be beneficial against inherited disorders, some viral infections such as HIV, and a few types of cancer. 

There needs to be some type of carrier (vector) for a healthy gene to be introduced into cells. Modified viruses are the most popular option for a vector. The virus infects the cell without harming the overall health of patients.

Why Participate in Gene Therapy Clinical Trials

Considering gene therapy’s complexity, severe potential risks, and many unknowns regarding the long-lasting effects, it’s understandable that not many people want to enroll.

The Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health regulate gene therapy clinical trials rigorously because of the risks. 

You should consider enrolling if you suffer from a condition that can’t be treated with drugs that are already in common use. 

Scientists strongly believe in gene therapy, and with each new clinical trial, they are closer to a major breakthrough. 

If you’re not afraid of risks and you wouldn’t mind earning some compensation money, rely on DoNotPay and find clinical trials dedicated to gene therapy in two minutes. 

How Many Gene Therapies Have Been Approved?

Currently, there are only 18 gene therapy products that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Even though there have been thousands of gene therapy clinical trials, the majority of them end in an early clinical trial phase—usually in phases 0 or I. 

Alternatives to Finding Gene Therapy Clinical Trials

These are the most popular websites that contain various clinical trials you can apply for:


  1. Visit the website
  2. Specify your preferences
  3. Type in Gene Therapy in the Condition or Disease field
  4. Click on Search
  5. Choose the study you like 


  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on the Patients section
  3. Type in Gene Therapy in the Enter Medical Condition field
  4. Type in your preferred location
  5. Click on the Search button
  6. Choose from the available trials

City of Hope

  1. Visit the website
  2. Scroll to the end of the homepage and click on Find a Clinical Trial
  3. Click on Search Clinical Trials
  4. Set up the filters
  5. Choose the study you like

While all these websites are easy to use and provide a good number of clinical trials, they don’t offer other useful features that DoNotPay does.

Why Is DoNotPay Better Than Any Other Option?

Do you want to avoid navigating not so user-friendly websites while searching for a clinical trial that suits your condition, age, gender, location, and so on? DoNotPay is the best shortcut in finding and applying for clinical trials all across the U.S.

Thanks to our top-notch matching algorithm, you’ll be shown only the studies that fit your preferences. 

Besides helping you save time when searching for clinical trials in your area, we also make the application process super simple. The only effort you need to make is to click on the Contact Now button and allow us to sign you up for the clinical trial in question.

These are some of the most convenient features you get to enjoy with DoNotPay:

  • Bookmarking option—Save the studies you want to apply for in the future and monitor the progress from your homepage
  • The possibility to sort the studies—Organize your homepage by ranking the studies you enrolled in regarding the distance, compensation, date, time, etc.
  • Notification feature—Get informed as soon as there’s a study that recruits volunteers in your area and be an early applicant
  • The possibility to change the filters—Change your preferences whenever you want in case you move or get interested in testing a different drug

You’ll always stay in the loop with DoNotPay’s clinical trials tool because we update our database almost daily.

Key Things To Keep in Mind When Enrolling 

Since gene therapy can be risky, you need to inform your doctor about your intention to enroll. Make sure to listen to your doctor’s opinion because he/she knows the most about your health and can easily tell if that type of trial is safe for your condition.

In some cases, only the doctor can contact the researchers of the study you’re interested in. 

Earning a lot of money for only one clinical trial is enticing, but you should be careful when it comes to gene therapy. The scientists still can’t determine if there are some long-term effects of gene therapy that could affect your health or even be deadly. 

DoNotPay Can Do Much More for You

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