How To File GEICO Insurance Claims the Easy Way

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Fast-Track Your GEICO Insurance Claims Process

The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is one of the largest auto insurers in the U.S. Besides vehicle insurance, it offers life, property, business, and various other types of insurance.

Filing insurance claims can be tough to handle on your own. This is why we have created our Claim Insurance feature. Not only do we streamline the claiming process, but we also provide tips and answers about any insurance company. Rely on DoNotPay, and you’ll submit your GEICO insurance claim in a jiffy.

Is There an Easier Way to Submit Your GEICO Insurance Claims

Filing insurance claims doesn’t have to be too complicated. You can skip going through multiple channels to find the info you need before initiating the claiming process. With DoNotPay, you’ll jump right in!

Visit DoNotPay in any and follow these steps to file your GEICO insurance claim:

  1. Type in your insurance type
  2. Provide a few details, such as your contact info and policy number
  3. Tap on Submit

After a few clicks on your part, we’ll take matters into our own hands! Your AI assistant will get in touch with GEICO and submit your insurance claim. In case GEICO needs more info or wants to inform you about the status of the claim, you can expect a call or an email.

DoNotPay’s help doesn’t end here! If you have any questions about accident or unemployment insurance claims, we’ve got the answers! You can also turn to our app in case you want to know how long an insurance company has to settle a claim or whether you should call your insurance company after a minor accident.

How Do I File GEICO Insurance Claims With the Claims Department?

GEICO offers two ways to report your insurance claim:

  • Online
  • Via phone (800-207-7847)

The company recommends filing insurance claims online due to the high volume of phone calls. Besides the main phone number and web page, there are different phone numbers you can call depending on your insurance type and GEICO partner.

Find the contact details you need in the table below:

InsuranceContact Information
Property (homeowners, renters, condo/co-op, and mobile homeowners)800-241-8098
Commercial vehicle (either with GEICO or NICO)866-509-9444
  • Pet
  • Boat
  • Flood
  • Travel
  • Property
  • Business
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workers’ compensation

Find your insurance and GEICO’s partner on the Claims page and call the given number

If GEICO Rejects Your Claim, Appeal It With DoNotPay

In case GEICO denies your insurance claim, it should come as no surprise. Insurers try their hardest to avoid losing money. If there’s even a tiny mistake or insufficient info on your end, your claim could get discarded. Check out our sample letters to insurance companies for claim settlements, and you’ll get an idea about what details you must provide when reporting your insurance claim.

If GEICO or any other company has already rejected your claim, it’s still not too late to get what you deserve. You have the right to know why a company denied your claim. More importantly, you can appeal the company’s decision!

In true DoNotPay fashion, even filing an appeal can be fast and easy. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access DoNotPay from your
  2. Locate your insurance type
  3. Select Appeal Denied Insurance Claim
  4. Provide the necessary info

We will put our cutting-edge technology to work, and GEICO will receive your appeal letter as soon as possible.

How Does GEICO Insurance Claims Department Handle Insurance Claims?

Once you put things in motion by filing your insurance claim, GEICO gets down to business. Here’s what the process looks like for GEICO car insurance claims:

  1. Assigning a claims examiner to your case
  2. Investigating your accident and claimed damages
  3. Reviewing your insurance policy and coverage
  4. Contacting other parties involved
  5. Taking statements and gathering information (e.g., cause, injuries, and damages)
  6. Evaluating all data
  7. Resolving the claim

In case the other party sues you, GEICO provides an attorney who will represent you.

If your car needs repairs, you can take it to any repair shop or locate an Auto Repair Xpress facility and book your appointment. GEICO should give you a check to cover the repair costs once the investigation is complete.

Can I Perform a GEICO Insurance Claim Check?

If you haven’t heard from GEICO in a while, you can track your claim online and see what is happening at any moment. Follow these steps to check your insurance claim:

  1. Go to the GEICO website
  2. Scroll down and click on Track a Claim
  3. Enter your Claim Number
  4. Type in your first and last name
  5. Tap on Log in With Your User ID and Password or hit Continue
  6. Follow the prompts

DoNotPay Can Handle More of Your GEICO Issues

Our app can provide more assistance in dealing with GEICO. Here’s what you can do with our help besides file and appeal your insurance claims:

  1. Cancel GEICO
  2. Learn about GEICO refund policy
  3. Claim or find out more about GEICO extended warranty

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