Gab's Terms of Service: What You Need To Know

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What You Need To Know About Gab's Terms of Service

As with many social company websites out there, Gab provides a service for users wanting to connect with others looking to strike up a conversation. But with any tool on the internet, lays out specific rules and regulations that a user of the site needs to follow.

What exactly is in Gab's policies that you should be aware of? Let's take a good look and find out.

Gab's Terms of Service

Gab is a social networking site in competition with Twitter. It prides itself on holding to the first amendment and allowing free speech for all. It also offers news stories and groups for like-minded people to connect with each other. Another part of the website is their TV feature, reminiscent of YouTube, where people can upload videos sharing opinion pieces, news events, or simply showing how to do a task.

While they strive to leave the site open for users to share whatever they want, there are still some rules and regulations, which are laid out in their terms of service, which were last revised on April 10, 2020. Some of the things Gab will not tolerate are:

  • The exploitation of minors in any way
  • No spamming on the site
  • Impersonation of another user or company
  • No sharing information that could result in physical harm (like sharing personal info)

These are only a small part of the items they don't allow. There are still more in their site's policy to read through, which you should do if you choose to sign up with their service.

What Information Does Gab Collect From its Users?

Gab collects personal information about you when you sign up. This includes the name and email address to identify you as the owner of the account you're trying to access when you log onto Gab's website. They will also provide information about you to other users but what's viewable to others is what you decide to put in your profile.

As you explore the website, they collect info concerning what appears to be your interests. This helps them recommend others that share some of the same tastes or opinions as you, so you can follow their accounts if you choose.

Other info they pick up is your IP address and the device you're using to access the account. If you happen to have an issue or a question and you contact the staff, the email conversation will be saved for future reference, if needed.

Gab also has a marketplace where you can purchase items such as caps, shirts, mugs, and shoes related to the Gab logo or mottos. They will collect your financial information for those purchases. They will also collect it for the donation feature they offer on the site as well.

What Happens If a User Violates Gab's Terms of Service?

This will depend on the seriousness of the user's action. For most violations, you can expect that a user will lose all or part of their access to the website. They can, however, appeal the decision for their ban, if they follow the proper procedures laid out in the terms of service.

If a person posts content that's deemed criminal and a court orders the site to hand over all information regarding that user's account, Gab will, in most cases, give them what they need. That could result in the user getting arrested or charged with a crime.

For those who repeatedly commit copyright infringement, the site will take action and disable or terminate the account of that user.

What to Do if Gab Bans You

If you find yourself banned from the site due to a specific post or series of posts, and you feel that their termination doesn't align with the first amendment rights, you can appeal the ban. First, you could try to unban yourself. Gab, however, requires you to get a declaratory judgment statement from a court, which is recognized as a competent jurisdiction in the case.

If you provide that to them, they will consider lifting the termination of your account if they feel you have sufficiently proven your case.

Does Gab Have an Arbitration Clause?

Nestled in the terms of service on Gab's site, is an arbitration clause. It explains that if an issue arises regarding the site or with its TOS, then action can be taken. However, it must be done within one year of the problem taking place.

If a user tries to take action after the year is up, any subsequent attempt at charges would be permanently barred from taking place.

Things to Look Out For in Gab's TOS

. There are a few points though that we should highlight here.

  1. They reserve the right to change the terms at any time and without notice.
  2. You are not allowed to use bots or other automated tools on the site.
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  4. They don't guarantee a timely, secure, or error-free service.
  5. By signing up for the site and using it, you give Gab consent to the terms of service.
  6. They welcome users from all sides of the political and religious arena

Some critics of the site describe it as being a "far-right, conservative" social media website. While it does contain political opinions, it offers posts from all parties, much like what you would find on Twitter.

How to Analyze Gab's Terms of Service

You can read through Gab's terms of service for yourself to see what's allowed and what you're prohibited from doing. You'll notice that there are several other areas to explore as well. They offer:

  • Privacy Policy
  • DMCA (Copyright Policy)
  • Terms of Sale (for Gab-related products and donations)
  • Annual Reports for Investors
  • Separate California residents' Privacy Policy

However, each section is quite long and can be a bit difficult to understand. It contains descriptions that can get confusing unless you are familiar with legal jargon.

How DoNotPay Can Help With Gab's TOS

Gab's Terms of Service cover all situations that a social networking site would need, but it can take up quite a bit of your time going through each section to find what you're looking for. If you're like most people, you find the legal portions of websites just plain confusing, and not something you want to waste time with.

DoNotPay is the perfect solution to this situation. Just let our tool do the searching and analyzing for you, so you don't have to feel like you're spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Here are 5 simple steps:

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If necessary, DoNotPay will create a letter, on your behalf, containing all the legal information necessary for your situation and send it to the company.

What Other Companies Can DoNotPay Help You With

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