Fulton County Property Tax Appeal in a Nutshell

Reducing Property Taxes Fulton County Property Tax Appeal in a Nutshell

Fulton County Property Tax Appeal Explained

Georgia citizens who own a house or any other taxable property pay more than $1,500 per year in taxes. If you live in Fulton County, this number grows up to $2,901, with an average property value of $290,400, which is more than in any other county. For many people, these expenses are too high.

Fortunately, you can appeal your property tax assessment to reduce your taxes. Follow our guide to find out how Fulton County property tax appeal works and how DoNotPay can help you submit it in no time! 

Ways To Lower Your Taxes in Fulton County

With the unfavorable property tax situation in Fulton County, many people are searching for ways to lower their tax bills as much as possible. Here are some tips that may help you cut these expenses:

  1. Accompany the assessor during the evaluation of your property to keep up with their observations and make sure they note the right information
  2. Point out to any malfunction or defect on your property
  3. Avoid any home improvement projects before the assessors evaluate your property—each renovation may increase your property value
  4. Check your tax records and see if there are any inaccuracies to report
  5. Find out whether you qualify for the available property tax exemptions proposed by the state
  6. Appeal the assessor’s decision if you think it’s unfair or misleading

How To Appeal Fulton Property Tax Assessment

Fulton County sends annual property tax assessment notices to residents, stating the estimated market value of their home or land. The amount depends on numerous factors, such as:

  • Location 
  • Overall state
  • Size of your house and the land it sits on
  • Value of the similar surrounding houses

Once you receive a notice and check the assessor’s estimate, you have 45 days to appeal the Fulton County property tax assessment if you are dissatisfied with it. You can do it in three ways:

  1. Arrange a hearing before a Board of Equalization
  2. Ask for a non-binding arbitration that will exclusively focus on your valuation
  3. Request a meeting with a Hearing Officer who will consider your appeal

The authorities may need a few months to process your appeal and reconsider the assessment. They keep the right to send you a temporary tax bill you are obliged to pay. 

Not Happy With the Estimate Your Assessor Made? Appeal It With DoNotPay

Dealing with bureaucratic tasks while appealing the tax assessment may be overwhelming. The Fulton County official website provides some information on the appeal process, but it may be insufficient for people who face this procedure for the first time. 

DoNotPay has found a way to simplify the Fulton County property tax appeal process by creating a special appeal guide for you! With a few answers to our chatbot’s questions, you will get all the necessary instructions on:

  • Choosing the best appeal method
  • Preparing the required supporting evidence and documentation
  • Communicating with your local accessor to find a mutual solution

To get our manual, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit DoNotPay in your preferred web browser
  2. Navigate to the Property Tax feature
  3. Disclose more info on your property

With the document we will generate, your appeal procedure will be a piece of cake!

Let DoNotPay Guide You Through Your Property Tax Exemption Application

Besides helping you get the property tax appeal service, DoNotPay identifies all the property tax exemptions you qualify for. Our guide gives you the best advice on applying for the most common tax reliefs, such as:

Check out our knowledge base for more information on property tax exemptions in Ohio, Idaho, Arizona, Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and other U.S. states.

Property Taxes From A to Z

Property tax is the amount any property holder must annually pay to the local authorities. Most states propose specific terms regarding tax regulations and assessment, but the general rules remain the same. Regardless of the location, the state or county authorities invest all the money collected from property taxes in other vital services, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Public safety
  • Law enforcement
  • Road constructions
  • Schools and libraries
  • Recreational facilities
  • Park districts and green areas
  • Other general government services

The median home value and tax rates vary from state to state, and they are crucial details the assessors need to calculate your annual tax bill amounts. You can see the list of the states with the lowest or highest property tax rate below:

States With Low Property Tax RateStates With High Property Tax Rate
  • Louisiana—0.18%
  • Hawaii—0,26%
  • Alabama—0,33%
  • Delaware—0,43%
  • District of Columbia—0,46%
  • West Virginia—0,49%
  • Illinois—1,73%
  • Nebraska—1,76%
  • Wisconsin—1,76%
  • Texas—1,81%
  • New Hampshire—1,86
  • New Jersey—1,89%

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