What You Need to Know About Fremont Correctional Facility

Connect With an Inmate What You Need to Know About Fremont Correctional Facility

What You Need to Know About Fremont Correctional Facility

Situated at 600 Evans Rd in Canon City, Colorado, Fremont Correctional Facility is a state establishment considered a level III institution. The facility is home to all level custody inmates, including low-security level inmates and high-security offenders from across Colorado.

Note that Fremont Correctional Facility is part of the larger East Canon Prison Complex, which houses sexual offenders most of the time. Additionally, inmates at the facility get to access many vocational and educational training programs.

These programs allow inmates to acquire skills that they can use to earn a living once they leave the facility. Also, these programs rehabilitate inmates by giving them a positive attitude and a purpose in life.

Some of the programs that inmates can participate in at Fremont Correctional Facility are customer service training, woodworking, custodial training, and renewable energy. It is also worth mentioning that DoNotPay can help you locate your imprisoned friend.

Fremont Correctional Facility Contact Information

Here is all the contact information for Fremont Correctional Facility.

Physical Address600 Evans Rd, Cañon City, CO 81212
Phone Number719-269-5002

Things You Need to Know About Fremont Correctional Facility

Fremont Correctional Facility Pre-Release Programs

Apart from the programs mentioned above, correctional industries offer inmates furniture production, metal and fiberglass manufacturing, and sewing jobs. On the other hand, Fremont Correctional Facility inmates who are almost completing their sentence undergo the following pre-release programs.

  • Statewide Community Resources.
  • Career Assessments and Exploration Tools.
  • Computer-Based Courses and Tutorials.
  • Career Skills and KeyTrain™.
  • Resume Writing Tools and Job Search.
  • Internet Simulator and Online Job Application.
  • Apprenticeship Resources, Education, and Training.

Fremont Correctional Facility Visitation Rules

All visitors to Fremont Correctional Facility must observe the procedures, rules, and regulations below.

  1. One's attire should not have crime-inspiring gestures or gang-related signage.
  2. Before admission for a visit, adults should present valid picture identification. That can be a state-issued identification card, a driver's license with a picture, military identification, or a passport.
  3. Visitors must dress modestly. In that case, scarves, revealing clothing, jackets, anything resembling inmates' clothing, hats, skirts, dresses, or shorts above knee level are not allowed at Fremont Correctional Facility.
  4. Before admission into the facility, visitors and their vehicles and properties are subject to intensive search. Failing to agree to a search denies you the opportunity to see your imprisoned friend or loved one.
  5. All visitors should leave their items in their vehicles. The only things they should bring inside the facility include allowed cash for the vending machine, identification, and car keys.
  6. Factory-sealed baby food should accompany any infant one brings to Fremont Correctional Facility.
  7. Electronic devices are not allowed at the visitation station.
  8. One change of clothes, two baby bottles with juice, food, or milk, two clean baby toys that are already inspected, and a diaper bag with two clean diapers are some of the items allowed at the visitation area.
  9. Going through a metal detector before entering Fremont Correctional Facility is required.
  10. Food from outside is not allowed inside the facility. Instead, visitors are required to use the vending machine at the visitation station to buy beverages and food for inmates.

Fremont Correctional Facility Visiting Hours

Inmates at Fremont Correctional Facility can arrange pre-scheduled visits on approved days in line with an official schedule, but visitors must apply for visitation. Also, a guardian or parent must fill out form 300-01G Authorization for Minor Child Visitation if a visitor is underage.

Note that the visiting days are from Thursday to Sunday between 9 am and 3:45 pm.

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