What Should a Freelance Contract Template Cover?

Standardized Legal Documents What Should a Freelance Contract Template Cover?

Making the Best of a Freelance Contract Template

As a freelancer, you may dodge numerous legal documents, but having a freelance contract could benefit you and keep you safe. If you want to download a freelance contract template or write one from scratch, you should understand what it should include and why it’s important. When using a template to write a contract, tailoring it to your line of work and your needs is essential.

We’ll answer your questions regarding a freelance contract template and guide you along drawing it up.

What Is a Freelance Agreement?

A freelance agreement is a legal document between a freelancer and their client. It should outline their relationship, roles, and regulations. While a freelance contract is often interchangeable with an independent contractor agreement and a consulting agreement, it’s the broadest term used for when a person is working on their own and choosing projects and clients.

Sometimes, your client will provide a freelance agreement both of you can review and sign, but it doesn’t hurt to have a freelance contract template you can customize depending on the projects you take on.

When Will I Use a Freelance Contract?

As a self-employed worker, you will need a different freelance contract for every job you accept. You may have a single client, but more often, you will acquire multiple clients.

Check out the most common occupations that may require a freelance contract:

  • Tutors
  • Pet sitters
  • Programmers
  • Marketing consultants
  • Wedding photographers
  • Speakers at conferences
  • Actors hired to perform in a play
  • Journalists hired to write an article or two

What if I Don’t Have a Freelance Agreement?

Having a freelance agreement is important to safeguard against potential disputes and to ensure you get paid. Without a written agreement, your duties and the client’s expectations may be unclear.

If you don’t sign a freelance agreement, both you and your client could deal with certain issues:

Potential Problems for a FreelancerPotential Problems for a Client
  • No payment or a different payment as opposed to the previously agreed one
  • Waste of time in case you’re not paid adequately
  • Your work taken without your credits or permission
  • Tax or liability issues
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Loss of time
  • Legal expenses
  • Inadequate performance
  • Breach of company info

What Should a Freelance Contract Template Include?

Whether you’re using a ready-made freelance contract template or you want to draft your own, you can check what it should cover at its core in the table below:

What To IncludeBrief Explanation

Names, contact info, and dates

  • Client’s and your name
  • Physical address, email address, and phone number
  • Dates when you write and sign the contract and the start date of your job

Your role and responsibilities

  • Scope of your project
  • Ways of submitting your work
  • Services that will not be provided—to ensure clarity
  • Project schedules and deadlines
  • Minimum and maximum working hours

The relationship between the client and yourself


  • Type of compensation—project-based rates or hourly rates
  • Payment amount
  • Additional expenses
  • Methods of payment
  • Payment schedule if there are installments

Copyright and ownership rights

  • Establishment of the owner of your work
  • Credits to your work even if you give up the rights

Termination terms

  • Final date if applicable
  • Cancellation fees—determining compensation in case the project gets terminated

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