Is Safe to Use? Does It Keep My File?

File Converter Is Safe to Use? Does It Keep My File?

Is Safe for Your File Conversions?

A big part of our everyday life and work is spent dealing with files. Whether it's that proposal/design/presentation/video editorial you have been burning the midnight candle to finish or your personal files you wanted to zip and share with a friend, in one way or the other, you'll find yourself needing a file converter. We often turn to a free product if we can't find an inbuilt application to get the job done. But have you ever asked yourself if the bucks you save are worth the risk you expose your data and privacy to when you use these "free" file converters?

Well, some of the free file converters might be genuine. But it's challenging to judge honesty by just looking at how well-designed the website is. One of the popular ways is to check reviews of the product — what are others saying about the website? You'll always find many people complaining about or complementing a product from their own experiences. Today, we'll explore if is safe for your file conversions and how it works. Let's get started!

What is is a popular file converter tool accessible via a website or as a browser extension. Although it started as an image converter, it has extended its capability and can now convert audio, video, document files, eBooks, etc. Currently, the service supports about 1500 different file formats.

The online tool is owned and operated by a Canadian company, TRMedia Inc., and is headquartered at 1 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada. If you have any issues with this online file converter tool, you can reach the company via

How does it work and Is safe to use?

How to Convert Files Using

Using is pretty straightforward. To convert your file:

  1. Visit website
  2. Choose your files by clicking the "Choose Files" button
  3. You can upload files from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or using a URL
  4. Choose the applicable file format from the dropdown menu named "Output"
  5. Click "Convert"
  6. Your file(s) will be ready within a few seconds to minutes for download, depending on the size and format

Benefits of has a number of benefits on its tag. These include:

  • Offers multiple file format options
  • You can upload and convert up to 20 files simultaneously without the need to install any software or sign up
  • You have advanced control over the output format of the file. The tool will automatically show all the possible conversions you can achieve on the file once you upload it
  • Works on any machine (machine independent) — Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Supported by all major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.
  • Can set image sizes and dimensions

Is FreeConvert Really Free?

Not really! While FreeConvert offers several features for free, if you want to convert or merge large files and access other advanced features, you'll have to pay for the service. The free mode can only offer 25 conversion minutes per day.

All paid plans guarantee that you'll have no ads and that your files are given priority. There are four paid plans on

  • Up to 1.5 GB
  • 1500 conversion minutes/month
  • Up to 25 simultaneous conversions
  • Up to 40 files merge limit
  • Up to 2 GB
  • 1800 conversion minutes/month
  • Up to 50 simultaneous conversions
  • Up to 60 files merge limit
  • Up to 5 GB
  • 3500 conversion minutes/month
  • Up to 100 simultaneous conversions
  • Up to 100 files merge limit
24-h Pass$12.99/Month
  • Up to 1.2 GB
  • 1500 conversion minutes/month
  • Up to 50 simultaneous conversions
  • Up to 50 files merge limit


All plans can be canceled anytime. If you want API support, you can pay as a subscription or a one-time charge, depending on your needs. This costs $10.95 for a monthly subscription or $18.00 for a one-time payment.

How Safe Are My Files on

Most people, just like you, wonder whether FreeConvert can keep their files secure? While the service says it guarantees your privacy and file security, you'd want to know whether this is marketing jargon or a valid claim. According to many online reviews, the website is potentially safe. However, a careful FreeConvert review reveals some customer complaints, such as

  • Failed uploads even after waiting for some time
  • Some users complain about the issue of the subscription being a re-occurring one. This could be financially devastating if you wanted to subscribe for one month only.
  • Failed conversion, for instance, a corrupted final file, for example, audio which has a shorter duration than the original
  • Failed subscription payment though the client has been actually charged

Though is not a scam, some of these hitches can be disappointing and lead you to pay for something that won't solve your issue.

Furthermore, FreeConvert says it saves your files 4 hours after conversion. The fact is that these files can be stolen within this time. Besides, FreeConvert tracks your IP for usage metric tracking purposes. While the intentions are pure, this potentially risks your online privacy.

Are There Better Alternatives to FreeConvert?

Yes. There are many alternative file converters you can turn to. However, scanning dozens of them online to find a genuine one isn't easy. If you want to try a file converter that won't collect/store your data, try DoNotPay. DoNotPay File Converter guarantees your privacy and data security. With our virtual credit card, we can also help you try free trials and buy things online without risking data breaches or losing money to suspicious companies that sell "free" trials that aren't free.

Convert Files Easily and Safely Using DoNotPay File Converter

Converting your files has never been this easy! With DoNotPay's File Converter, you can convert about any file you have safely and securely in 3 straightforward steps.

  1. Go to the File Converter product and upload the file you want to convert. 
  2. We'll automatically detect the file type and return a list of possible options you can convert it to. 
  3. Choose which format you want to convert it to. Your newly converted file will be ready to download from your "My Disputes" page! 

That's stunningly simple!

What People Are Saying About Other Companies

Before spending your time and money on a service, it's prudent to check whether it's the best one to solve your problem. Find all the details you need on

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