How to Get Free Trials For NYC Chat Lines Using a Virtual Credit Card

Get Free Trials & Don't Get Charged How to Get Free Trials For NYC Chat Lines Using a Virtual Credit Card

How to Get Free Trials For NYC Chat Lines Using a Virtual Credit Card

Boasting over 20 million residents and thriving businesses, New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. It seems the nature of the city makes it more challenging for singles to find love despite its population advantage. However, the NYC chat lines enable you to make new friends, flirt, and have fun. Learn how to sign up to start enjoying the  without getting charged.

Who Can I Meet on the NYC Chat Lines?

? Whether for a fling or serious relationship, there's someone for you on NYC chat lines. So, the New York chat lines serve single:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Erotic
  • Gays
  • Latinos
  • Blacks
  • Lesbians

Do NYC Chat Lines Offer a Free Trial?

Yes.  are pretty generous to users, and anyone can start talking for free. Depending on the line you pick, you can get from 20 minutes, 30 minutes, to one hour of a free trial.   

How Can I Get NYC Chat Lines Free Trial?

What to do to join the NYC conversations room and meet new friends is:

  1. Pick one of the chat lines
  2. Call the number
  3. Start chatting

Now, you can search and connect with people in New York looking for compatible partners.

Does the NYC Chat Line Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

When the NYC free trial ends, you either conclude the conversation or pay a standard fee.

How Much Do I Pay For NYC Chat Lines After the Trial?

How much you pay after the trial depends on the chat line and the length of your conversation. Below is a breakdown of the NYSC chat line fees and call duration.

S/NNYC Chat ServiceNYC Chat LinesDuration of Free TrialCost after trial
1Livelinks855 972 269960 minutes$4.99 / 10 minutes

$9.99 / 60 minutes

$29.99 / 120 minutes

2Fonochat866 368 750560 minutes$4.99 / 10 minutes

$9.99 / 60 minutes

$29.99 / 120 minutes

3RedHot Dateline888 652 373660 minutes$4.99 / 10 minutes

$9.99 / 60 minutes

$29.99 / 120 minutes

4GuySPY Voice866 520 369660 minutes$4.99 / 10 minutes

$10.5 / 64 minutes

$29.99 / 90 minutes

5Talk121866 838 561230 minutes$4.99 / 10 minutes

$10.00 / 60 minutes

$29.99 / 120 minutes

6Vibeline844 832 354260 minutes
7Tango855 760 308520 minutes$4.99 / 10 minutes

$9.99 / 60 minutes

$29.99 / 120 minutes

8Megamates877 648 718230 minutes$23.99 / 1 week

$49.99 / 1 month

9Lavender Line827 432 123120 minutes$4.99 / 20 minutes

29.99 / 180 minutes

10Interactive Male827 331 123120 minutes$4.99 / 10 minutes

$10.5 / 64 minutes

$29.99 / 90 minutes

How Can I Avoid Automatic Renewal With DonNotPay Virtual Credit Card?

DoNotPay virtual credit cards enables you to use NYC chat lines free trials without getting charged.

That's because virtual cards bypass authentication when you sign up for free trials. Unlike regular credit cards, our virtual cards don't process payment. So, you won't pay fees when you exhaust your free call. With virtual cards, you can always prevent unwanted subscription payments.

What you should know about the DoNotPay free trial card

  • The card is available for use once on a given platform.
  • The card becomes inactive after using it.
  • You cannot buy items online with this card
  • Card only protects you from unwanted charges. 

What information appears on the free trial virtual card?

The DoNotPay virtual credit card generates a random number that you can use to sign up on NYC chat lines. Though it links to your usual credit card, it conceals your identity. That makes it easy to sign up with a fake name or address. The card comes with:

  1. Card number
  2. Expiry date
  3. CVV

How does the DoNotPay free trial credit card work?

If you want to use NYC chat lines without getting charged or exposing your credit card information, use DoNotPay. Get started with these simple steps:

  1. Search free trial card on DoNotPay and enter NYC chat lines 
  2. Expect your credit card information to appear
  3. Copy the card details on your computer screen
  4. Input the card information before you call the NYC chat lines 
  5. Relax and enjoy your free trial

What else can DoNotPay do?


DoNotPay provides a more convenient way to enjoy NYC free trial without giving your credit card details. Since your card information was never there, you won't have to worry about losing your money when the free trial session ends. Thanks to the DoNotPay virtual credit card.

So, what else can DoNotPay do for you?

If you don't like the services you get from any company, you can rely on DoNotPay to help you cancel your subscription. You can  services to explore ways we can help you with:

Contact DoNotPay to start using our Virtual Credit Card to enjoy NYC free trial.

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