The Scoop on the Free Trader Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents The Scoop on the Free Trader Agreement

The Ins and Outs of a Free Trader Agreement

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What You Should Know About a Free Trader Agreement

Free trader agreements are usually created after separation and prior to divorce. This agreement allows a spouse to sell or purchase property in their individual name without the other spouse having to sign the deed (as opposed to a document that you need to compose if you want to sell a house after divorce has been finalized). It is one of the most important agreements you should create in this situation, so make sure to add it to your pile of divorce documents.

A free trader agreement can also address debt and obligations starting from the separation date until the finalization of the divorce. It is not unusual for one of the spouses to continue using a credit card and adding to the joint debt, and a free trader agreement can prevent them from doing so.

Having a free trader agreement is important because most banks won’t lend money without it. In some states—such as North Carolina—not having this document prevents you from transferring a deed to another person without your spouse’s signature. This is another advantage of the agreement you can look forward to if you don’t want to be limited with your financial choices.

What Should You Include in a Free Trader Agreement?

When drawing up a free trader agreement, there are some points you should not forget to include, such as:

  1. Personal info of the spouses—Names, addresses, and phone numbers
  2. Duration of the agreement—Exact start and end dates
  3. Main clauses of the agreement—Forbidden and permitted actions
  4. Termination terms—The consequences of breaching the agreement
  5. Signatures of both spouses—The document won’t be valid unless signed
  6. A memorandum of separation—A clause specific to free trader agreements

A Memorandum of Separation in Free Trader Agreements

The purpose of the memorandum of separation clause is to state that both parties resolved all marital claims in a separation agreement. It also supplies a complete free trader provision in the document and binds both parties to sign a free trader agreement. This sentence should also ensure that both spouses avoid potential financial issues before the divorce is finalized.

What Makes a Free Trader Agreement Legally Enforceable?

When you create a free trader agreement, you will need to perform a few tasks to ensure it is legit. This document should be:

  • Signed by both spouses
  • Acknowledged before a notary public
  • Recorded with the Register of Deeds

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