How To Find an Appropriate Free Printable Confidentiality Agreement Form

Standardized Legal Documents How To Find an Appropriate Free Printable Confidentiality Agreement Form

All About the Free Printable Confidentiality Agreement Form

Writing a confidentiality agreement from scratch requires a lot of effort. You must include relevant clauses and have all your provisions aligned with applicable state laws. Any mistake may make your document invalid or cause miscommunication between you and the other party.

Since many people don’t know how to use legal terms and write contracts, they usually turn to online contract templates

Is a free printable confidentiality agreement form the best option? Our guide will solve this dilemma and give you practical advice on composing your legal documents with zero effort.

Confidentiality Agreement Deciphered

A confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement should prevent individuals from revealing business secrets to third parties. The document binds all signees to keep the internal information from the public and regulates accidental disclosures.

It’s common in the following situations:

  • A company or a business owner wants to keep their strategies and ideas confidential
  • An invention owner wants to keep the details of their project secret
  • Two companies entering a mutual business don’t want their transaction details to be disclosed to the public or parties not involved in the project
  • The owners of the intellectual property are worried about the safety of their ideas

There are two types of confidentiality agreements:

  1. Unilateral, where one of the signing parties, usually an employee or intern, agrees not to disclose confidential information
  2. Mutual, where all parties involved must keep the common proprietary information undisclosed

This agreement usually lasts from two to five years, but each contract contains a clause that allows early termination if the sensitive information becomes public.

What Clauses Should a Proper Confidentiality Agreement Form Contain?

To create a legally binding agreement, you must ensure it contains essential clauses. You can add new ones to fortify the contract as long as they comply with the governing laws.

The recommended provisions of a confidentiality agreement include:

  1. Full legal names of the parties
  2. Physical addresses of the parties
  3. Agreement type—whether it’s unilateral or mutual
  4. Agreement time frame—the start and end date
  5. Definition of confidential information 
  6. Proprietary information type, i.e., customer data, supplier lists, sales details, training techniques, etc.
  7. Legal consequences of breaching the contract
  8. Limitations
  9. Non-compete clause stating that the signee won’t use the company’s business strategies and trade secrets to start a new business
  10. Signatures of all signing parties
  11. Date of signing

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Free Confidentiality Agreement Template

Here’s a table showing the list of benefits and drawbacks of online contract templates

  • Free templates are easily accessible
  • They are usually free
  • It doesn’t take long to edit and adapt them to your needs
  • They aren’t always tailored to your needs
  • Free templates often don’t include all necessary provisions
  • Some of them are full of technical and grammatical errors
  • Contract templates may be out of date because of the law alterations
  • Customization is limited to specific blank fields

An inappropriate template can make your contract invalid, which is why you should turn to DoNotPay and get a top-notch agreement without hiring overpriced lawyers!

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