Should You Rely on a Free Printable Cohabitation Agreement?

Standardized Legal Documents Should You Rely on a Free Printable Cohabitation Agreement?

Free Printable Cohabitation Agreement—Can It Do the Trick?

Do you want to move in with your significant other without getting married? To avoid misunderstandings and complications in case your relationship turns sour, you and your partner should sign a cohabitation agreement. Writing any type of contract can be a pesky task, which is why you might be tempted to turn to contract templates. The question is—should you rely on a free printable cohabitation agreement?

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What Is a Cohabitation Agreement?

A cohabitation agreement is a legally binding document signed by two individuals in a romantic relationship who live together but aren’t married. This contract should:

  • Protect your and your partner’s interests if the relationship comes to an end or if one of you passes away
  • Spell out the financial responsibilities of each party during and after the relationship
  • Ensure both of you have the right to inherit the property of the other party
  • Protect signing parties from debts of the other partner
  • Allow you and your partner to have most of the rights that married couples have (e.g., applying for child support or a joint mortgage)

Should you decide to end your relationship, a cohabitation agreement will make the situation easier, especially when it comes to your finances. 

Which Clauses Should Your Cohabitation Agreement Include?

If you’d like to write a cohabitation agreement on your own, you should include the following elements:

Sections To Include


Effective date and names of the parties Start the agreement by recording the date when the contract takes effect. Include your and your partner’s name and the state you live in
Full disclosure Disclose that you both had the chance to examine the financial situation of the partner, including his or her:

  • Assets
  • Net worth
  • Income
  • Liabilities
Payment of expenses Spell out how you’ll divide rent, utilities, mortgage, groceries, and other expenses
List of separate property List property—such as vehicles, houses, and financial assets—you purchased before becoming a couple
List of join property Make a list of properties you own together. The joint property will be divided between you and your partner in case of separation
Effect of death or separation Determine whether you or your spouse will have to pay support if you separate. If you have kids together, you should also state the amount of child support that one of you will pay. 

This section should also be used to define the inheritance rights of both parties (you will probably have to write a will for this)

Effect of marriage Record whether your cohabitation agreement will:

  1. Continue in effect even after you get married
  2. End upon marriage
  3. Be revised before marriage

Both you and your partner should sign the contract, preferably in front of a notary.

Should You Use a Free Printable Cohabitation Agreement?

Finding a contract sample that’s suitable for your situation might be challenging because templates usually cover general info. One option is to modify the sample you find to adjust it to your needs. You can also follow a cohabitation agreement template structure-wise if you’re not sure how this document should look like. 

Ideally, you would hire a lawyer to create the agreement or at least review the one you already wrote. Lawyers charge a few hundreds of dollars per document. While this is expensive for most people, sometimes it’s better to pay a lawyer than risk making a mistake and having an invalid agreement. 

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