Learn How To File Foremost Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims Learn How To File Foremost Insurance Claims

How To File Foremost Insurance Claims and Avoid Administrative Issues

Foremost is an insurance company—a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance—located in Michigan, U.S. The company prides itself on being the leading mobile home insurer in the USA, but it provides coverage for other products as well.

If you need to file an insurance claim with Foremost, be it for an accident, a natural disaster like a hurricane, or a general insurance claim, you can do it with our help. With DoNotPay, you will avoid the tiring bureaucratic processes.

What Does the Foremost Insurance Cover?

The list of what Foremost covers is extensive, but this is not what makes the company stand out. Foremost insures old homes, including those that have cosmetic damage. It also provides insurance for customers with a history of unpaid bills or debts.

Check out the table below for more information about what Foremost covers:

Foremost CoverageCoverage Type


  • Old
  • Mobile
  • Vacant
  • Seasonal
  • Landlord and rental


  • Liability
  • Personal property
  • Additional living expenses
  • Actual cash value


  • Owner-occupied
  • Vacant and landlord


  • Low-risk areas
  • Moderate-risk areas
  • High-risk areas


  • Auto
  • Collectible auto
  • Motor home
  • Snowmobile
  • Motorcycle
  • Scooter
  • Travel trailer
  • Golf cart
  • Off-road
  • Fifth-wheel
  • Luxury motor coach
  • Neighborhood electric
  • Personal watercraft
  • Boat

What Can You Expect From the Foremost Insurance Claim Process?

Foremost will assign you a claim professional who will collect all the necessary information about your case. The insurance claim representative will also inspect and document damage, possibly interview any witnesses or other involved persons, and take photos, videos, and samples to assess your claim.

The company will contact you to discuss the terms of your policy and resolve the claim fairly.

How To File Foremost Insurance Claims by Yourself

You can file a claim with Foremost insurance 24/7, and you can do it in two ways:

  1. Online
  2. Over the phone

How To File a Foremost Insurance Claim Online

To file an insurance claim with Foremost online, you’ll need to have an account on the website. You should also have your policy number close by so you can immediately type it in.

Follow the steps below to file a Foremost insurance claim through your user account:

  1. Visit Foremost’s homepage
  2. Tap on the sandwich bar in the top right corner
  3. Select Claims
  4. Click on File a Claim Online
  5. Indicate if you are a Foremost customer by clicking on Lookup by Policy Number (or you can file a third-party insurance claim by clicking on Continue as a Guest)
  6. Tap on Let’s Get Your Claim Started
  7. Enter the Foremost insured policy number and full name and hit Search
  8. Provide information about what happened and include additional evidence, such as photos, documents, or a police report
  9. Wait for a claim representative to contact you

Contact Foremost Over the Phone To File an Insurance Claim

You can call Foremost’s call center to file your insurance claim. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Call 1-800-527-3907
  2. Tell the agent you want to file an insurance claim
  3. Provide the policy number and full name of the policyholder
  4. Explain why you’re filing an insurance claim—detailed description of the event
  5. Follow the agent’s further instructions

What Can DoNotPay Do About Your Foremost Insurance Claims?

Insurance policies are there to protect their holders, but the process of filing insurance claims is so complicated that most of the holders give up halfway through. Insurance companies try to do their best to avoid covering the damages, making it almost impossible for you to get what’s yours. Even when your claim gets accepted, most companies will take around 30 days to pay you out.

DoNotPay created a feature that will help you file an insurance claim without any mistakes that a company can use to deny it. Our platform will also make the process of filing claims easy and straightforward. You only need to open DoNotPay in any web browser and follow a few simple steps to submit your insurance claim.

You can use DoNotPay to file any of these insurance claims:

  • Medical and health
  • Home and property
  • Auto and vehicle

With our app, you can reach any company in the U.S. Another issue DoNotPay can help you with is filing an unemployment insurance claim if you’ve recently lost a job.

How To File a Foremost Insurance Claim With DoNotPay’s Help

Filing an insurance claim with DoNotPay is a simple process consisting of five steps. Here are the steps you need to take to submit an insurance claim via DoNotPay:

  1. Open DoNotPay in any web browser and log in
  2. Find the insurance type by entering the keyword into the search box
  3. Type in general information, such as your full name, contact information, policy number, etc.
  4. Provide a detailed description of what happened and the reason why you’re filing the claim
  5. Submit your claim

After you complete all the steps, DoNotPay will generate a letter to the insurance company for claim settlement and send it on your behalf. Foremost will contact you directly if it has any further questions.

DoNotPay Helps if Foremost Rejects Your Insurance Claim

In most cases, the company will deny your first-time insurance claim and it will base the decision on a small mistake you might have made. It will do this to prolong the process as much as possible, but there’s a way to fight it.

You can use DoNotPay’s tips to write the perfect insurance appeals letters and our Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim feature to maximize your chances of getting the money you deserve!

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